HBO put on its rich catalog for its new streaming platform

Well before Netflix and Amazon do not attract the Hollywood stars to the small screen, the cable channel HBO had established a solid reputation in helping to make the emergence of pay television through programs that are bold and of quality.

Today, the house mother of the Soprano, of On listening (The Wire) and Game of Thrones trying to catch up with its rivals in line, launching on Wednesday its streaming platform to several billion dollars, HBO, Max.

“In the constellation of the brands of entertainment, HBO is a centerpiece,” says Christopher Smith, who teaches communication at the university of Southern California. And “using the mark HBO, they spawn a passage in the war of the streaming.”

As the platform enters a crowded market. After Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, have arrived Disney+ Apple TV+ and Quibi.

But after lending his films and series to other platforms streaming for years, the parent company WarnerMedia decided that she could no longer keep away from the trend that has revolutionized Hollywood.

The launch of HBO Max comes after the purchase by AT&T, for $ 85 billion, the Time Warner, and brings together the titles of this media empire under one roof.

Series well-loved by the public as Friends to film classics such as Casablanca and Citizen Kane, through the saga of Batman, all will be seen next to the prestigious series HBO within the new service.

HBO Max had to strike a great blow, hurling themselves into the race with a special program bringing together the players of Friends, but the coronavirus is passed through there.

The pandemic has delayed the filming in Hollywood, and the bosses of HBO Max count on the classics, and the series” doudou to attract subscribers in a lot of good humor in this dark time.

“We are really in the nostalgia and the feeling of comfort associated with these iconic characters that people love, and the stories with which they fell in love year after year”, said the head of marketing, Katie Soo.

“The reality is that we live in a difficult time, isn’t it?” she advanced recently at a seminar in line with the magazine Variety. “There is no manual”.


But despite the attractive catalog of HBO, Max, analysts expressed their fears about its strategy.

To 15 dollars per month, it is the most expensive of the streaming services, at a time when unemployment in the United States reached record highs.

And the platform bloated breaks with the classic model of HBO, which focused on the production of fewer but pioneering and of high quality, according to Mr. Smith.

“This threatens to dilute what made the HBO special”, he says.

HBO Max will exist additionally in parallel to HBO Go, another pay-tv service, and the application HBO Now, which could add to the confusion.

“Bad slogans, bad promotion. But the substance of what they sell is actually great,” says Mr. Smith.

As well as HBO, Max has not planned programs made-to-measure for its launch, it has series and movies of first plan in preparation.

In the pipes are thus of three new series from the creator of Lost JJ Abrams, a new version of Gossip Girl and one work of science fiction-Ridley Scott: Raised by Wolves.

Side films, a new production label, Warner Max, will provide eight to ten medium-budget films per year.

Fans of the COMIC, throughout the world, also welcome the announcement that a version ofirector”s cut of Justice League (2017) would be visible on the platform.

According to a recent survey by the Hollywood Reporter, the main attraction of HBO’s Max is, in fact, the presence of several titles from the DC universe, with characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

And analysts believe that the time could in fact be ideal to launch a myriad of content that is already known, which can be appreciated to an audience confined to or preferring to stay cautiously at home due to the pandemic.

“With people who spend more time at home, and with a most important time spent in the stream, they arrive at a time rather suitable,” judge Bruce Leichtman, president of Leichtman Research Group.

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