HBO’s Max : the price, the catalogue and the date (approximate) output, the France will have to wait

HBO Max : le prix, le catalogue et la date (approximative) de sortie, la France devra patienter

HBO Max : all the info on the new platform WarnerMedia

HBO’s Max out well into 2020… in the United States ! On Tuesday 29 October, the Chairman and ceo of WarnerMedia revealed the approximate date of release of the platform, its price as well as info on the catalog and the new series expected. Bad news : it will still be necessary to wait before having access to the service in France.

The war of streaming services is underway across the Atlantic. In addition to Netflix, Hulu (not available in us in France), Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, which arrives on November 1, and Disney+ to be launched on 12 November, the American people will soon have access to another platform : HBO Max. New details have been released.

The approximate date of release of HBO-Max, France will have to wait

HBO Max will arrive in the United States in 2020, more specifically in the month of may. The leader of WarnerMedia, John Stankey, has not announced exact date for the us launch. The bar is high for the platform, which explains having a goal of 75 to 90 million users in the world by 2025. For France, however, he had to wait until 2021, the year in which HBO Max should be deployed more widely in Europe but also in Latin America.

The price HBO Max

So, how much will it cost HBO Max ? The Americans will have to pay 15 dollars per month (about 13.50 euro), which is the price of a subscription to HBO, but with a lot more content to the current time. A price roughly similar to Netflix, but much more important than Apple TV+ (available for eur 4.99 per month) and Disney+ (from 6,99 dollars per month, or about 6,30 euros).

The catalogue is well filled HBO Max

For his arrival, HBO, Max will already have a catalog full of nearly 10 000 hours of programmes. Among the historical series that we will be able to find it on the platform in the USA ? The entire series HBO currently released or finished as Game of Thrones, Sex and the City or The Sopano, movies, Warner Bros, whose Wild and the movies, DC (1800 films are expected) but also the integrals of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Prince of Bel-Air, Pretty Little Liars, South Park or Rick and Morty.

The “Max Originals” that are already planned

HBO Max will also have his own series and original movies. Among the expected projects ? The reboot of Gossip Girl, a spin-off of Grease, a series about Green Lantern produced by Greg Berlanti, the series Tokyo Vice with Ansel Elgort or even the movies, Let Them All Talk by Steven Soderbergh with Meryl Streep and Bobbie Sue with Gina Rodriguez.

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