He admits to having prowled with a loaded weapon near the border

Justin Alec Salvatore acknowledged on Thursday the charges related to the possession of a loaded weapon at the Canadian border in early April.
C and a 24-year-old American convicted of two criminal charges of possession of a loaded firearm and possession of a prohibited weapon, a retractable blade knife, as well as the charge under the Privacy Act. immigration from Canada, unlawful entry, before Justice Paul Dunnigan of the Court of Quebec.

Salvatore was prowling near the border at Stanstead on Easter Monday with a blockloaded www.380 gun and a retractable blade knife. It was the appeal of a citizen of Derby Road in Stanstead on April 2nd at around 3:00 pm to arrest Justin Alec Salvatore.

RCMP constables from the nearby RCMP quickly met the suspect individual.

The 24-year-old ranger from Colorado Springs Colorado had a backpack and was walking. He said he came from Montreal and met people in Magog.

He identified himself with his driver’s license, but did not have a passport on him. It was impossible for the RCMP to confirm his port of entry into Canada, so he was arrested for illegally entering the country.

It was as a result of his search that a semi-automatic KEL-TEC P-3AT handgun loaded with six other bullets into the magazine and the retractable blade knife were found on him.

His lawyer Alexandre Fleurent of the legal aid specified that his client had the right to own this weapon in Colorado where he is from.

A pre-sentence report was requested by the defense on the record given the absence of a criminal record in Canada.

“My client faces a significant sentence of detention. It is important that a pre-sentence report can be made in the file, “said Fleurent.

There has been no minimum sentence since this provision was struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Comments on the sentence will take place on June 12.

Justin Alec Salvatore does not have a criminal record in Canada. He is, however, the subject of an arrest warrant in a case of masked armed robbery at a Colorado Springs convenience store.

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