He came to Nîmes for a girl and is sentenced to 5 years in prison in a drug case.

Sentenced to 5 years in prison, this Monday, April 8, to 5 years in prison, by the Nîmes criminal court, in a drug case, the young man denies the alleged facts

Alexandre, 24, had just been released from prison. This Rhodanian had come to Nîmes, for a girl with whom he had fallen in love after meeting, via social networks. The young man was arrested on April 3, a month after his arrival in Nîmes, by the police, in the area of ​​rue de la Vistre, a well-known drug dealing location in Nîmes. He was behind the wheel of an Audi A1 that he had rented via Snapchat. The police spotted, around 5:30 p.m.,   the car which was turning in this sector under surveillance, a few hours after one of the episodes "Clear Place". A young passenger was on board the Audi. This 15-year-old kid had come to deliver cannabis resin to customers who were waiting for him. He came across the police who arrested him. The teenager had two plastic bags containing cannabis resin (98g), some weed and 4g of cocaine. According to the police, the driver of the Audi, Alexandre, shouted at the teenager, advising him to “get out of the way”. " This is false, protests Alexandre, judged this Monday in immediate appearance. Alexandre comes out of three years in prison. It is his parents who help him financially to pay his rent and to live. Their son sends out more CVs to find a job.

" I tell you the truth. I was going to buy cigarettes. I came back to drop it off there. I know there's a deal point there. I really liked this little one. We took little walks around town." " To replenish deal points ?" the president of the court asks him. " I have nothing to do with that, assures the defendant. Alexandre was driving an Audi while waiting for his girlfriend to come back from work

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