He finds a kilo of cocaine by unpacking boxes

He finds a kilo of cocaine by unpacking boxes


A business leader from Quimper, in western France, found a kilo of cocaine while unpacking boxes of computer equipment, from a container that arrived at the port of Le Havre, the first entry point for South American cocaine in France.

“A kilo of cocaine fell on my feet,” said this entrepreneur, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirming information from the regional daily newspaper Le Télégramme.

By opening the rectangular package, wrapped in black film, the entrepreneur discovered white powder.

“I suspected that it was drugs, because we saw it on TV, ”he said, adding that he immediately called the police station. “I didn't want to see guys coming to my house to pick up the drugs,” he said.

The container, which passed through Le Havre, was carrying electronic equipment made in Mexico, according to him.

At the mouth of the Seine, the port of Le Havre has become the first point of entry for South American cocaine into France. In 2021, 10 tons were seized in the 3 million containers – or “boxes” – that passed through it.

From a source close to the investigation, analyzes must be carried out to assess the purity of the drug, whose market value is estimated between 50,000 and 80,000 euros.