He is drowning for a boat controlled

Il se noie pour un bateau téléguidé

It must at all costs avoid taking risks when you’re on the water, warns the widow of Marcel Fleury. Her husband died last week trying to recover to swim his boat remotely operated which derived, on the Richelieu river.

“Marcel, it was a child in the soul,” remembers his wife Martine Gélinas, with whom he shared his life for 30 years. He was so fond of play. He lived at a 100 miles an hour. “

Since the beginning of the summer, the drownings are increasing in the waters of Quebec.

And the family drama Fleury-Gélinas has unfortunately come to inflate the balance sheet of these tragedies, on the 13th of July last.

To 19 pm, Marcel Fleury, 50 years old, was on the banks of the Richelieu river, a few kilometers from his home in Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu, Montérégie.

“He had bought a boat homing in the afternoon, said Ms. Gélinas. He absolutely wanted to try it out before dinner. At 19: 23, he called me to tell me that he was going to buy new batteries at the corner store for his boat. The ones he had were not working. “

The rpv had stopped a dozen meters from the shore.

Heart attack

“My husband jumped into the water to fetch his boat,” she continues. With the effort to come back against the current, he had a heart attack. He lost consciousness and drowned in a few minutes. “

Hearing his cries of distress, a fisherman installed on the embankment immediately jumped in the water to rescue him.

“It is a guardian angel,” says Ms. Gélinas. I’ll be grateful all my life. “

The death of Mr. Fleury, however, has been found to be in the hospital a few hours later.

“My son will soon be fishing with the boat of his father. If I learn that he has not worn a life jacket, I’m burning the boat in the yard with us, “says Ms. Gélinas, who would like to” forget and erase ” the summer of 2020.

Been tragic

The other three members of her family far away have also perished in the waters, last June 20.

Edith Gélinas, 32 years old, his spouse, Alexandre Gauthier, 34, and their 4-year old son, Mavrick, died in a road accident in watercraft on the river Nicolet, Centre-du-Québec.

“We had to leave Friday for a month’s vacation, but instead, I’m going to bury my Marcel loose, Ms. Gélinas, filled with emotion. I am missing a big piece. “

Multiple sclerosis for the past 22 years, she called her late husband her ” body guard “.

The trucker came home every night at home to take care of his wife.

“He could not get away from his relatives,” she summarizes.

A few days before the tragedy, Mr. Fleury was able to meet his granddaughter, Angelica, born the 8 July.

“He has had time to see her, to take her in his arms, to console the widow. Angelic, this is my little angel. ”

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