He learns on TV about the outbreak that killed his daughter

He learns on TV about the outbreak that killed his daughter

A father whose 39-year-old disabled daughter died of COVID-19 in a CHSLD in Quebec says he was not warned that the coronavirus was running in the residence.

Christina Savard died on October 17 at the age of 39 at the CHSLD Saint-Augustin de Beauport, one of the establishments most affected by the coronavirus in the Capitale-Nationale.

The outbreak killed at least 36 residents there.

Having a bit of a fever, Christina was tested positive in early October.

“No one ever told me that there were cases of COVID in the building. I knew it when my daughter caught it. I knew there were so many cases while watching a TVA report, ”says Réjean Savard, Christina’s father.

In this telecast of October 31, he learned that the coronavirus had already killed 21 people in the establishment and that 36 users were affected.

The CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale maintains, for its part, that all first responders, like Mr. Savard, of all residents were contacted to notify them of the first case of COVID-19.

It is then up to the first responder to notify other members of his family and caregivers, if applicable.

The CHSLD Saint-Augustin has 195 beds.

Precarious health

Christina had an inherited degenerative disease that left her vulnerable to an infection like COVID-19.

“She had polyneuropathy. It hit the nerves. She was severely disabled and used an electric wheelchair. Finally, she could not eat alone, ”says Mr. Savard.

She had a machine to remove secretions from her lungs during the day, and breathing assistance at night.

“They took the two machines away from him. It was too dangerous for the virus to go into the atmosphere and they gave it oxygen. I knew it was over by removing his machines. That’s what kept her alive. I knew she had gone on the wrong side and was not coming back. But it seemed well organized. They had the same level of care as in the hospital. “

Soon her condition deteriorated and she had an epileptic fit.

“After dinner on Saturday [le 17 octobre], I gathered my strength to go. A nurse called me to tell me it was a matter of hours. I called at 2:05 p.m. at the same time she was dying. She had just stopped breathing. “

Exceptional dedication

Mr. Savard has never spared his efforts for the well-being of Christina.

“I went to see her every other day from 4 pm to 7:30 pm I washed her face, hands, I fed her, brushed her teeth, gave her her medicine. I hydrated her, because she was dehydrated when I arrived most of the time. “

Mr. Savard had another daughter, Katia, who suffered from the same disease.

“She died the day after the attack on the great mosque at Laval Hospital. She also resided at the Saint-Augustin center. I took care of both. I have put half of my schedule for the past five years into their care. “

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