He leaves his pregnant wife for dead after a robbery gone wrong

He leaves his pregnant wife for dead after a robbery gone wrong


A Chicago man saved himself by abandoning his pregnant girlfriend after she was shot dead by drug dealers on Monday during a robbery gone wrong.< /p>

Genesis Escobar, seven months pregnant, entered the car of one of the suspects at 1 a.m. in order to complete a transaction, according to law enforcement sources.

Escobar's spouse, who was standing outside, tried to rob the people accompanying the drug dealer. Her failed attempt sparked a shootout in which the pregnant woman was shot multiple times.

She managed to get out of the car before the driver fled. The latter threw money out of one of the vehicle's windows and the victim's boyfriend picked up a few bills before leaving the crime scene. Genesis Escobar remained alone on the ground until the paramedics arrived.

His death was pronounced at the hospital. Medical personnel were unable to save her child, according to her friends. 

The shooting was caught on surveillance cameras. Authorities have not made any arrests at this time.

Escobar has been arrested numerous times in recent years. Prior to her death, she was still on probation.

“She texted my daughter saying, 'Please help me! I'm in trouble!” said a friend of the family in an interview with CBS. My daughter was sleeping at the time.”

< /p>

The two women, who live near the crime scene, were awakened by the gunshots.

According to information from the Chicago Sun Times