He lived with his father Ivan the terrible: scientists caught a 500-year-old underwater predator

The largest specimens of this species can reach up to 7.3 meters and weigh up to a ton and a half

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In Greenland, scientists found a 500-year-old polar shark, the length of which amounted to 5.4 meters. This publication reports The Sun.

Жил при отце Ивана Грозного: ученые поймали 500-летнего подводного хищника

Scientists have found the shark, which is about 500 years

According to experts, the average life expectancy of a polar shark is 272 years. The largest specimens can reach up to 7.3 meters and weigh up to a ton and a half. However, the average length of these animals is in the range of 2.44-4.8 meters, weight does not exceed 400 pounds.

“This is the oldest living species of vertebrates on the planet, which formed some populations in the Atlantic ocean,” said Professor Kim Prebel. Scientists are now studying DNA specimens in hopes to find out which genes are responsible for the long lifespan in this species.

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Found bowhead shark was born in 1505, when in the UK the rules of Henry VIII, and in Russia – Vasily III, father of Ivan the terrible. Scientists determined its age by size, Greenland sharks grow only a centimeter per year and live for hundreds of years.

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