He picked up the golf balls for 30 years

Il ramassait les balles de golf depuis 30 ans

A man who dived to pick up balls lost in the ponds of golf courses, has died while practicing his passion of the past 30 years, in the night of Sunday to Monday, Sainte-Julie.

“I’m in shock. I saw it recently and it pétait the fire, ” blew Monday Étienne Béland, the nephew of the diver Michel-Guy Béland.

For more than 30 years, his uncle, 64-year-old walked alone on the golf course in greater Montreal. Sometimes with the agreement of the club, sometimes without, he collected the golf balls lost in ponds. He recycled it and sold them to earn a living.

He was still wearing his diving suit and has a bottle when he went under the water.

Later Sunday evening, Mr. Béland was made at the golf Club of la Vallée-du-Richelieu, located in Sainte-Julie, in Montérégie.

But he never returned.

His body was found in the artificial lake in the 16th hole on Monday morning after his wife Sylvie— Beaucage had reported his disappearance. A coroner will determine the cause of her death remains unexplained.

On Tuesday, Ms. Beaucage could not help but be in the field of golf practice that it manages, in the vicinity of highway 20, to accommodate its customers.

“This is our baby, [this company]. Dive, it was his passion, she confided, eyes red from crying. He was generous and loved life. It was a good jack. “


“It is unfortunate, was saddened Patrice Forcier, the director-general of the club. It was a good person, but he came to pick up the balls illegally on our private land. We ask that people are two when you pay them to do it. “

If his / her spouse “had no business there,” Sylvie Beaucage swear, however, that he has held this contract for over 30 years.

The resident of Beloeil was a fight with his city, in order to prevent a real estate project that ternirait the green space in the Club de golf Beloeil.

“He was super involved and optimistic. He was a man of polarizing in the community, ” said his nephew, Étienne Béland.

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