He pulls out his gun rather than putting on a mask

Il sort son pistolet plutôt que de mettre un masque

A Floridian of 28-year-old was arrested for pointing his gun at a man who asked him to please wear a mask in a shop in Palm Beach, announced the police on Thursday.

While he was shopping at Walmart, Vincent Scavetta was not appreciated that another customer asked him to put on a mask of protection against the coronavirus. He refused, a verbal altercation followed and Scavetta, pulled out his gun and pointed at his interlocutor.

He was arrested for assault, compounded with a lethal weapon, and exhibition of inappropriate a weapon, according to the sheriff’s office of Palm Beach, who has posted the deal on Twitter.

“Welcome to the jail of the county of Palm Beach, son. That it’ll serve as a lesson. It could end badly”, has tweeted the sheriff’s office.

Walmart, the largest group of us distribution, demand from the 20 July to all of its customers to wear a mask.

But many Americans are reluctant, and the president, Donald Trump has refused for months to encourage the wearing of the mask, in the name of individual freedom of the citizen.

However, Mr. Trump has changed recently its position. He appeared with a mask for the first time on 11 July and said on Monday that the port of the mask was “patriotic”, publishing a photo of him hidden on his Twitter account.

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