He released the teaser of the American TV series “Chernobyl”. Video

Вышел тизер американского сериала «Чернобыль». Видео

The output of it is expected on may 6 of this year.

The Network has published a teaser American TV series from HBO Chernobyl. The Director of the project was made by the Swede Johan Renk, known for the TV series breaking bad, Vikings, the Walking dead and others, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

The creators describe the show as a story of “mistakes that led to one of the most tragic man-made disasters.”

In the center of the plot will be the hero of Valery Legasov, a scientist, whose goal was the study of the causes of the incident.

The release of the series on the wide screen is expected on may 6 of this year.


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