He reopened his bar, as long as they wear the mask

Il a rouvert son bar à condition qu’on y porte le masque

The bar, The Vault, located on the rue Saint-Jacques in Old Montreal, has reopened its doors Friday evening forcing the port of the mask to its customers.

“If never, you must close it again, I refuse to be part of the problem”, has launched the co-owner of the establishment Nazim Tedjini.

The temperature of the customers is taken at the inlet and masks are distributed free of charge. Clients can only withdraw them when they are seated at a table. The bar, which is normally a place for dancing, has been completely refurbished and now offers spaces benches are separated by plexiglas.

The closure of bars requested by Quebec in mid-march was not a surprise to the owner, who was closely monitoring the situation in Europe. “We already offered in the liquid disinfectant for the hands prior to the closure, he said. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. As it is immunosupprimée, I am sensitive to that since the start.”

The thing to do

This is in addition to those provided for in the plan for the reopening of the bars of the Quebec government, which includes, among others, the distance of two meters. “We added the mask mandatory for several reasons, but primarily because morally it is the right thing to do, believes Nazim Tedjini. A bar, it is a place of promiscuity. The more the evening advances, the more people are difficult to manage. The mask is a visual reminder that the COVID, it’s not finished.”

Mr. Tedjini is concerned that the Quebec intense episodes of contagion similar to those triggered in several bars in the United States. The second wave could be even “more evil”, according to him. “If it must close, it will be for much more than three months and the bar industry is very fragile. I have a hundred employees and suppliers who depend on me.”

He was concerned about the proximity between the date of the opening of the restaurants and open bars. “If the crisis resumes, we will not know where it comes from exactly and what it is necessary to close it to pass through, he said. It surprised us that we are announcing from one day to the next day that we could reopen.”

With the mask, Nazim Tedjini hopes to show the example to the rest of the industry. “I don’t want the smaller bars to pay for our mistakes. Other bars such as Joverse, Flyjin, Red, Miss Wong, Gumbley, and Blvd44 have already decided to do as we.”

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