He said having played his career in reopening the schools

Il dit avoir joué sa carrière en rouvrant les écoles

François Legault felt that he was playing his political career when he decided to reopen the schools outside of the greater Montreal, almost against all the odds. This was one of the most difficult decisions to take during these first three months of a pandemic.

“When I made this decision, I took a risk. If it didn’t work, not sure that my political career would have had a lot of future. But I said to myself, in my soul and conscience, in the balance of disadvantages, it is more important for the children to open the schools, and the political risk that things are out of control and I had to make myself to blame “, he says, during a first interview on her crisis management given to our parliamentary Bureau.

At that time, it was the wind. The Québécois followed religiously the instructions of containment dictated all day to 13 h by the prime minister and Dr. Horacio Arruda. The citizens were so well followed the rules that the déconfinement was delicate.

“There are a lot of people who didn’t want to (as I open up the schools). Me, I have 76 members, and there are the chiefs of the opposition and the people around. There are people who say : “We can’t do that, you can’t take the risk-there””, ” remembers with emotion, sitting in his office in the building Honoré-Mercier, adjacent to the Parliament.

According to François Legault, the easy decision would have been not to reopen any schools. He has delayed the return to class in the region. But the fate of the 20% to 25% of students in difficulty, private school for six months, the turlupinait constantly.

He felt ” alone “

Another difficult decision was the one to put Quebec on pause and order the closure of all the shops and businesses when the crisis hit the province. At that moment, he felt ” a bit alone “, he acknowledges.

His team and the “machine” told him to wait a few days, the time that the government should clearly define the businesses that would fall into the category of essential services. Dr. Arruda him would have left a few more days, but he chose to follow his instincts.

“I told them : “We can’t afford to take a few days, there are lives at stake !” “, he says.

Crisis in NURSING homes

Not to mention the management of the crisis in the CHSLD, which has been sometimes heart-wrenching.

On the one hand, DG called him late one evening in disaster and urge him to prohibit visitors in their establishments to prevent entry of the virus. On the other, his minister of Seniors, Marguerite Blais, emphasized the importance of family caregivers, in some cases, come to feed residents.

To those who accused him did not comply quickly enough strict rules regarding the management of the comings and goings of employees between cold zones and hot zones, the first minister countered that the serious lack of staff sometimes left no other choice.

Over a billion $ for equipment protection

The Palais des congrès de Montréal has been transformed at the end of the month of may as a huge warehouse of equipment medical protection against the COVID-19.

Quebec did not fail protection equipment since the beginning of the pandemic, but the government has had to extend “over a billion $” to get them up here. “It is a lot of money,” agrees François Legault, who wants to make the province quickly, the most autonomous as possible in this matter. “We make our own masks, our blouses. The gloves, it is more complicated, but at least our gowns and our masks. ”

The Portuguese tarts to reduce the anxiety

r Horacio Arruda.”>

The national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda.

François Legault has never called to order Dr. Horacio Arruda, who is put in trouble a few times in the past few weeks. The prime minister considers that the national director of public health is an excellent communicator and has what it takes to take on this function during a crisis, in spite of his antics on the curve of the spread of the virus or its recipes for Portuguese tarts. “This is not mine, but it’s his style, and I think what was important is that he passes his message. But there was also a need to de-dramatize, because there were people who were very anxious, very worried, so it was not that people panic, so I think it has helped that there are fewer people who panic. ”

Unwell by justin Trudeau

Soldiers greet residents of a ltc facility during their last day of work in this establishment.

The dilly-dallying of Justin Trudeau on the subject of soldiers deployed in NURSING homes upsets the prime minister of Quebec. François Legault reported that the army was made to wait in the first days of the deployment, and for two or three weeks half of the troops have left the homes for the elderly. The canadian prime minister has extended the mission of the military until the 26th of June and then plans to replace them with workers of the Red Cross. “I don’t have a problem with that, but he takes them where and when will they arrive ? is concerned Legault. It is returned to 270 soldiers in NURSING homes, it’s down to each day. He told me that the soldiers will stay until the 26th of June, is it just the 270 or it will bring back others ? “

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