He stabs his mother to death and would do it again in a heartbeat

He stabs his mother to death and would do it again


A 21-year-old Floridian stabbed his mother to death, accusing him of never encouraging him to become a man. And he doesn't regret it.  

Or so Osceola County authorities allege, according to the New York Post.

Des Officers discovered the victim at his Kissimmee residence. She was seriously injured in the abdomen and her daughter had lacerations on her hands. 

They then located the victim's son, Matthew Stewart Sisley, not far from the crime scene. He was covered in blood. He was taken into custody. 

Sisley allegedly confessed to his crime during his interrogation. Still according to the New York Post, the investigators asked him if his mother deserved to die.

“Yes”, replied Matthew Stewart Sisley. “She never encouraged me to become a man”, he justified himself. 

An investigator also wanted to know if he regretted his action. “No, and I would do it again,” added the suspect.