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He steals a doctor's identity and does plastic surgeries.

He steals a doctor's identity and does plastic surgeries< /p> UPDATE DAY

A 61-year-old man impersonated a doctor for three years in order to perform cosmetic procedures without a license, according to US magazine True Crime Daily. 

According to a statement from Orange County, California, Elias Segoviano allegedly injected his victims with contraband Botox, in addition to performing other cosmetic procedures like “facelifts.”

The man was advertising the practices on social media like Facebook and TikTok.

He faces multiple charges and could serve up to five years and four months in prison.

Mr. Segoviano has used different names in later years like “Dr. Elias,” “Dr. Elias Renteria,” and “Dr. Elias Renteria M.D..”

“Health professionals have great training to perform this kind of practice. These women trusted this individual to have the training and experience, only to realize that they risked their lives since this man had no idea what he was doing,” the lawyer said. of the chase.

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