He thought he had won the jackpot: the sports betting site cancels his winning combination of 1.3 million euros

He thought he had won the jackpot: the sports betting site cancels his winning combination of 1.3 million euros

Un joueur de paris sportifs voit son gain annulé. MAXPPP – Mourad ALLILI

Un homme a poursuivi une société de paris sportifs en justice après avoir vu ses gains annulés. Le joueur avait remporté plus d’un million d’euros.

Catalan police have opened an investigation after a complaint filed by a sports betting player. The man had guessed the outcome of 18 matches on November 4 and accuses the Betway company of having canceled his winnings, which amounted to 1.3 million euros. euros, reports the media 3/24.

From winner to loser

If he thought he had won the jackpot, his joy would only have been short-lived. Once the matches are over, the man sees a large sum of money credited to his account: more than a million euros. To immortalize the moment, the player takes a screenshot, in particular to notify loved ones of the good news.

But a few minutes later, there is disillusionment, the balance in his account shows zero. The status of his bet also changed from "win" to "cancelled". The player decides to contact the betting company, but receives no response and therefore decides to turn against it by filing a complaint.

Breakdown or manipulation?

After investigation, the site would have "acted maliciously", in particular by modifying "by computer" the state of the bets. Betway, however, responded to the police and gave an explanation. The system reportedly "suffered an outage which caused several online betting products to be displayed on the server with incorrect odds, lines or handicaps&quot ;.

An incident which is not without consequences since "many players access incorrect prices and make bets outside delays with erroneous results, and even known in advance", explain those responsible. The site has therefore decided to temporarily suspend "part of their gaming services".

Does the sports betting company not want to pay the winner ? Did the player really take advantage of a breakdown to rig the results ? ~ Investigations are continuing and justice will have to determine who is at fault.

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