He wants to sue the City of Montreal for racial profiling

Il veut poursuivre la Ville de Montréal pour profilage racial

MONTREAL – A Montreal-native cameroonian wants to sue the City of Montreal, because he claims to have suffered racial profiling and bodily injury after being arrested and sprinkle of Cayenne pepper so that he was sitting in a vehicle.

On the 24th of June, Lamin Nkouendji is made to catch in the borough of Outremont by agents of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) as he had pass on a yellow light behind the wheel of a rental car.

According to his story, he would have waited 30 minutes in the car after handing in his papers to the agents, who have called a tow truck because his license was suspended for unpaid fines.

Mr. Nkouendji said it has not received any notice about this, and he asked if the police had initially arrested because he is Black. He then sought further clarification regarding the suspension of his license. It is there that the situation would have degenerated.


A video shot by a resident of the corner shows that Mr. Nkouendji has received two jets of pepper spray while he was inside of his vehicle.

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_____DON’t JUST LIKE MY POST, SHARE IT FFS______ I don’t care what your excuse is to defend this abusive cop. I heard screaming and I run outside, he was saying “don’t hurt me I just want to take my phone, please don’t hurt me” They sprayed him twice. The guy was NOT resisting(and it wouldn’t matter if he was tbh). Police didn’t give a fucking shit though. They only calmed down when people cam out. this happened on june 24th EDIT: THANKS TO EVERYONE – Him and I are in contact now! #blm #blacklivesmatter #montreal #outremont #ACAB #policebrutality #racism #canadaisracist

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The man said he felt shaken by the situation and that he had to ask a question to a police officer when he is done with asperger syndrome. “This is where he pulls his pepperspray and this is where I spray for the first time. I protected my eyes with my hand. But he passes to the other side, by [the door] back and he told me directly in the eye”, describes Mr. Nkouendji.

A dozen police officers and at least six patrol cars were present on the scene, can we see on the video.

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Cop not cooperating when the man is being compliant, not being able to say if they pulled him off because of a yellow light gold rental car plate?? shit doesn’t add up, and he was calm, he was cooperating. Also, I’m looking for the woman who looked out for him in this video, will post a pic. She’s an important witness. yall try to tell me he deserved it and was being aggressive, the police had a closed attitude from the dead start. IF HE WAS A WHITE MAN, NONE OF THE BRUTAL HARM WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. HE WAS COOPERATING. Police who think they are above the law instead of enacting the law are a problem. We need to fix this. ✊🏼 #mtl #outremont #policebrutality #acab #defundthepolice #racist #spvm #blm #blacklivesmatter

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Mr. Nkouendji finally received four tickets and must appear in court on 24 August for obstructing a peace officer, a criminal offence.

He is preparing a lawsuit against the City of Montreal, as the SPVM is under his direction. It also plans to continue “possibly the police officers individually,” said his lawyer, ms. Kristina Vitelli, who will also have tickets.

The continuation will be on the grounds of racial profiling and personal injury. “I can not confirm the sums of money [claimed], but this will tie in with what he has lived through and physical damage that he lives and that he always experiences in connection with what happened,” continued Me Vitelli.

Mr. Nkouendji has been shaken and has had eye problems and sore arm after the altercation. He is currently studying in Canada, and a criminal charge could result in his expulsion from the country.

The man has also filed a complaint against the two policemen, just as the citizen who shot the video, Miriam Vaillancourt.

The SPVM did not want to comment on the case.

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