He was in his stroller: 2-month-old baby dies crushed by branch in storm in municipal park

On Tuesday July 9, 2024, a baby lost his life during bad weather in Belgium. While his mother was walking him in her pram, he was crushed by a branch.

"It’is a terrible tragedy." Tuesday, during the bad weather which hit Belgium, a baby died crushed by a branch, reports RTL.

Surprised by the flood

The infant was in his pram, being walked by his mother in a municipal park in the city of Uccle, in the Brussels region.

The mayor of the town, Boris Dilliès, tells our colleagues that the Wolvendael public garden was due to close at the end of the afternoon, and that the tragedy took place shortly before: "The park was closed from 5 p.m. and clearly, the tragedy took place between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m."< /em>

The accident is terrible: "It’is a terrible tragedy insofar as it concerns the death of ;rsquo;a two-month-old infant, who was being carried around in a pram by his mother. A branch would have fallen on the pram."

The park was supposed to close from 5 p.m., when the storm was supposed to start according to the weather service. However, due to the unpredictability of the weather, the showers and gusts began at 4 p.m. The mother and her baby were surprised by bad weather.

Dead in minutes

At the moment, the child's mother was in a state of shock: "The mother told me &lsquo ;my baby is not well. It was an infant a few months old. I started to cry. I saw that he had died", a witness of the scene told our colleagues.

"I think first of this child’s family. At this stage, we cannot say more about this tragedy, deplores the mayor.

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