“He welcomed me completely naked”: a professor from the University of Bordeaux Montaigne indicted for rape

“He welcomed me completely naked”: a professor from the University of Bordeaux Montaigne indicted for rape

Student blockades were held in April 2024 to denounce the laxity of the university MAXPPP – GUILLAUME BONNAUD

Tuesday, June 25, the former vice-president of the University of Bordeaux Montaigne was indicted and placed under judicial supervision, revealed this Thursday, July 11, the newspaper Sud Ouest. He is accused of "rape", "sexual harassment" and "sexual assault"on former students. He had already been targeted by a complaint from philosopher Barbara Stiegler in June 2022, which was closed without further action.

The first to talk about it was Barbara Stiegler. The philosopher, then a teacher-researcher at Bordeaux Montaigne University, filed a complaint in June 2022 for rape. His accusations refer to facts from May 2020, and target the man who was then his research director and vice-president of the University.

"I was paralyzed. Stunned"

According to her, this long-time friend imposed digital penetration on her during an evening. She would later tell the newspaper L’Humanité : "We had a very family-like functioning. It was like incest that I had suffered. If I spoke, everything would explode. I was paralyzed. Stunned. She then alerts the management of her UFR and places a handrail, but nothing happens. The teacher feels abandoned, "without any advice or support". According to her, she was quickly made to understand that this story was a private matter, not the responsibility of the university, and that her only recourse was criminal proceedings. But his complaint from June 2022 was dismissed.

"Characterized harassment"

However, at the same time, accusations are multiplying against the accused, as Le Figaro recalls. Former students also report inappropriate behavior to the establishment’s Stop Violence monitoring unit.

Family planning, which has become a civil party in the case, describes the modus operandi of the targeted teacher: "He calls out to the students with hypersexual, unhealthy comments and embarrassing gestures repeatedly, creating discomfort. If a student rebels, she becomes the scapegoat, she is humiliated. At best, it is completely ignored. We are dealing with serious harassment." A young woman says that as part of the preparation of a research project, she went to his house for work sessions: & quot;He welcomed me completely naked". She will eventually put an end to her project.

Suspended then reinstated

An administrative investigation then opens. The professor concerned is suspended for the year 2022-2023, then finally reinstated in November 2023. Following a new complaint from Barbara Stiegler, a judicial investigation was opened and the accused was banned from teaching for one year on February 1, 2024. In April, student blockades followed one after the other. rsquo;Bordeaux Montaigne University to denounce the laxity and lack of responsiveness of its president Lionel Larré.

Indicted for rape

The investigating judge in charge of the investigation finally decided to indict the teacher on Tuesday June 25, 2024, for "rape", "sexual harassment" and &amp ;quot;sexual assault". He is also placed under judicial supervision and is prohibited from having contact with the complainant, but still contests the facts, as specified Le Parisien. The investigation is still ongoing, the indictment of a person does not in any way predict their guilt.

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