Head in the stars for two open-air cinema screenings in a pine forest

Head in the stars for two open-air cinema screenings in a pine forest

“Les figures de l’ombre” sera projeté, en plein air, vendredi 5 juillet. DR

Quinzième édition, les vendredi 5 et samedi 6 juillet, de cette manifestation gratuite, proposée par l’Église évangélique baptiste dans le quartier de Castanet. Ouvert à tous.

In 2007, Pastor Claude-Henri Gobat, then head of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Nîmes, launched an original initiative: outdoor cinema evenings, on the edge of the river. rsquo;summer. "The idea was to offer a meeting, to be in a relationship in the Castanet district, where we have been based for 30 years, which does not necessarily involve worship, the spiritual, underlines Pierre Marques, who succeeded him. At first, the residents may have been surprised."

Before being seduced by Under the Stars, the baptismal name of this event where you can attend screenings, free of charge, comfortably installed in a pine forest. "Today, I am often asked: so, are you going to make films this year ?" Positive response : the fifteenth edition will take place on Friday 5 and Saturday July 6 , in the garden of the church, 1 249 chemin de la Combe- des-Oiseaux, the Cinéplan association, based in Quissac, managing the technical part. "The City also lends us chairs, garlands… "
Enough to switch into summer mode with the possibility of chatting, while drinking a drink and nibbling a treat, from 9:30 p.m., time to wait, with music, for nightfall at night and the launch of the projection around 10 p.m.

An evening for all audiences on Friday

"Each year, a small committee reflects on choosing feature films that correspond to our values, films that talk about real life." Friday 5 will be an evening for all audiences with Les figures de l’ombre, by Théodore Melfi& nbsp;: released in 2017, it tells the true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson, the masterminds of the first successful manned space flight by the Americans in 1962. Saturday July 6, place at "a committed feature film", with Jesus, the investigation ( 2018) by John Gunn, where an investigative journalist sees his wife convert. Two evenings, two atmospheres, living with your head in the stars.

Information on 04 66 23 19 93.

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