Health measures: Group D Resto in favour of fines

Mesures sanitaires: Groupe D Resto en faveur d’amendes

Judging by some restorers and daredevils, the Group Of Restaurant is of the opinion that the government should be more severe and will impose financial penalties to the companies refusing to comply with the health measures.

For the past four weeks, the direction of the Group of Restaurants, responsible for deductible amounts, in the eastern Quebec, The Beautiful and The Beef, Starbucks, Mikes, Scores, Baton Rouge, and Between-Côte Riverin, requires all of its employees to wear a mask and a visor.

The company has also removed tables and chairs in several of its 25 restaurants to avoid overflows and to comply with the instructions. A measure, unsurprisingly, has had an impact on the finances of the organization.

“The problem is that some airlines do not apply the same rigour regarding the measures required by the CNESST,” said Alexandre Paradis, senior vice-president at Groupe D Resto, preferring, however, not to appoint to the institutions referred by his remarks.

“When we ask our employees to wear protective equipment, some respond to only one place, the servers or the cooks don’t wear them. It becomes a fight every day, ” he adds.

Corporate responsibility

The management said that workers have already implied that they could get away with, considering some of the measures as ” inhumane “. She said understanding these employees, but need to follow the instructions.

“It is our responsibility as a corporate citizen. This will help to avoid a second wave, says Mr. Paradise.

“It is boring to say, but, yes, I think we should impose fines. An inspector may visit the premises, and sanctions may be gradual “, he adds.

The latter believes that this approach could be similar to that of the MAPAQ for the safety audit in the institutions.

It should be noted that CNESST and MAPAQ may currently remit fines for non-compliance with the safety instructions. The government, however, appears to prioritize, for the moment, the dialogue.

“I think nobody wants to return to the containment in the fall, and it is our greatest fear. It is necessary to think more long term, ” warns Mr Paradise, lamenting situations in terms of ridership, such as the Mile Public House in Brossard.

Recently, the minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubé, has opened the door to the possibility of imposing fines on the offending companies.

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