Health measures: not easy to find

Mesures sanitaires: pas simple de s’y retrouver

Does it take a 2-or 1.5-metre distance ? How many friends does one have the right to invite inside ? Many Quebecois are losing both health measures are evolving, noted The Journal.

The Journal has put together a quiz non-scientific to test the knowledge of the inhabitants of greater Montreal so that Quebec is in great déconfinement and that health standards are still in force.

If the twenty people interviewed agreed on the importance of washing the hands after shopping, and that most also knew that it is only allowed to invite 10 people at a time at home, The paper noted that there is still confusion in the distances between individuals.

“If in doubt, we said two metres “, let go laughing, Beatrice Thompson and Henri Boisvert met at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal.

Beatrice Thompson and Henri Boisvert, 7/11

Benoît Mâsse, a professor at the School of public Health, University of Montreal, does not, however, be too severe toward his fellow-citizens.

“It’s not easy [to comply with all the rules]. Myself, sometimes, I find it hard “, he admits. He tells of entering a store by the wrong door recently, and still have trouble to follow the direction of the arrows stuck to the ground.

Just 1,5 meter

If most knew that the distance in a group of 10 people from different households is two meters, few were aware that it was possible to keep only 1.5 meters in a room where one sits and where one speaks little or not.

“It changes so often, such as the rule of 2 metres or 1.5 metres, that we do not know exactly,” stresses Nick Sako, a resident of Montreal. This last was believed in the beginning that the distance of 1.5 meters was reserved for grocery stores and the SAQ.

Nick Sako, 5/11

Alain Savard is more categorical : “It is completely ridiculous and stupid “, lance-t-il, dissatisfied with the measures of social distancing that change regularly.

Mask is compulsory or not ?

Several of the interviewees believed that the mask was already mandatory in the public transport. Others have admitted to wanting that this setpoint value is applied as soon as possible.

Always for the mask, some of the people who crossed did not know that he had to wash it after each use.

“I never heard [this point],” says Carole Daveluy, which recognizes, however, the importance of the wearing in the public places.

Carole Daveluy and Daniel Morency, 5/11

Virtually none of the people interviewed did not know that he was still banned from cycling in a group.

“It does not make too much sense,” concludes Mohamed Yazit that the Log has crossed in front of a business in Boucherville.

Raphael Longo and Mohamed Yazit, 6/11

Test your knowledge

1. What distance applies in public gatherings and in what condition ?

Answer : 1.5 m between the people in the places where people are seated, relatively immobile, and speak little or no

2. What is the exception to the distancing physics does not apply, does it not ?

Answer : For people living under the same roof.

3. Two people who do not live together can they have sex ?

Answer : No

4. The walks and bike as a group are now allowed, true or false ?

Answer : False.

5. Provided you comply with the rules of social distancing, how many people can participate in team sports like soccer ?

Answer : 50 people.

6 . If I’m in a public place and I’m with 9 other people that are not of the same household, how far away should I keep ?

Answer : 2 meters

7. How many people can you receive at home ?

Answer : 10

8. Is it that the mask is mandatory in the transport ?

Answer : No, but Quebec will make it mandatory in two weeks.

9. I have to wash the hands after shopping, true or false ?

Answer : True

10. Two people who do not live at the same address may not eat together at a restaurant ?

Answer : False.

11. I have to wash my mask after each use ?

Answer : True.

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