Healthy habits: books to work from Anna Sedokova

Summer is the perfect time to start working on them

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Полезные привычки: книги для работы над собой от Анны Седоковой

Anna Sedokova

Summer is a great time to begin to work on ourselves to change habits, become more beautiful and to take care of your health. In the summer we find more time for watching movies, reading on the beach, sports and even “perestroika” itself. Read a selection of popular books from the famous singer Anna Sedokova, who will be able to “work on mistakes”, get to know yourself better, change the installation and become better. Your must-read she submitted in Telegram channel.

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Books for work

  • Louise hay, “get happy in 21 days”. A complete course of self-love. A book for those who have big plans for life, but tired of the problems, stress and negativity. Looking for strength together, letting go of resentment and from the complexes.
  • This Nicole Staudinger, “So naughty. How to quickly and accurately respond to hurtful remarks.” Techniques to learn how to fight back and to stand up for themselves. The author will teach you to be witty and confident in any situation.
  • Stephen Covey, “Seven habits of highly effective people”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. This book is a world superbestseller, No. 1, on the theme of personal growth. It will teach how to achieve the goals and the change is not external, not in the image, and perfection in fact.
  • Tristram Hooley and Corinne Grant, “You’re hired! How to get a dream job if you have no experience”. Why not try something new? At least in order to understand, we can do more.

Полезные привычки: книги для работы над собой от Анны Седоковой

Books for work

  • Kathleen Adams , “Diary as a way to himself.” Includes 22 practice for self-discovery and personal development. If given one day for each practice, your life can change dramatically.
  • Fiona Ferris, “30 chic days”. The author offers us simple at first glance things that will help to bring you to the life of your dreams. This book is not a set of battered unverified tips, and rules of life of the author. She created the life of his dreams and wants to share their experience.
  • Brett Blumenthal, “One habit a week. Change yourself for the year”. Another book challenge for yourself. Give yourself happiness, relieve stress and even improve memory. All this give us more time to work on yourself is not exactly ended on the last page of the book. Plus, you’ll find the time to read, what a crazy rhythm would not live.

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