Healthy picnic

Healthy Picnic


What a pleasure to savor summer with family or friends with an outdoor picnic! My advice for a healthy and safe picnic!  

Ten foods to bring to enjoy it to the full  

< p>1. Firm vegetables (ex.: mini-cucumber, carrot, celery, cherry tomatoes, etc.). 

They will have the advantage of not being damaged during transport and not getting your hands too dirty. 

2. Grapes and ground cherries

They are good to eat without making a mess. 

3. Sliced ​​fruit

Sliced ​​watermelon is easily available. You can also slice oranges and pears to make them easier to eat. 

Fruits are full of water and contribute to our hydration. Remember that water needs increase during the summer. 

4. Firm cheese

Because of its low moisture content, it resists heat better. We will take care to cut our cheddar, Swiss cheese or gouda in advance, to facilitate its consumption. Cheese goes wonderfully with fruit or vegetables on a skewer! 

5. Whole grain crackers

They tolerate heat well and make a perfect duo with our dips (hummus, baba ganoush) or cheese. Among my favorite brands: Triscuit, Tutti Gourmet and Mary's Organic.

6. Legumes 

Legumes are very versatile proteins. They can be used in salads or dips and even be roasted. They tolerate heat better than meat, poultry and fish.

7. Tofu and tempeh 

Tofu is the perfect sandwich filling. You can grate it and garnish a sheet of rice with it, adding vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers and fresh herbs (mint or coriander). It can also be marinated, grilled and then served in a sandwich with red peppers and pesto. Pre-marinated tempeh (tempehine in particular) makes a wonderful Buddha bowl. 

8. Hard-boiled eggs 

Cooked eggs hold up relatively well to heat and can be added to salads and sandwiches. 

9. Nuts and seeds 

They can supplement the protein source of the meal or even constitute a satiating snack. They tolerate heat very well. 

10. Dried fruits (ex.: dates, figs, apricots, etc.)

Dried fruit can be added to salads or served as a snack with nuts. They provide a source of fast-absorbing carbohydrates and a nice dose of energy for our outdoor sports activities. 

To know:When the lunch contains perishable foods, it is important to place cold packs in them since bacteria multiply rapidly in food that stays for more than two hours between 4 and 60°C. You can freeze small fruit juices (Oasis Hydrafruit contains less sugar) which serve as ice packs and which will be very cold when you drink them. We will also take care to leave our food in the shade until the time of service.  

Picnic with friends

When we have a picnic with a large group of friends, the “pot-luck” formula (or “everyone brings a dish”), is a sensible idea. A few ideas: 

  • Platter of sandwiches rolled up in slices in whole wheat tortillas
  • Tomato-bocconcini skewers&nbsp ;
  • Fruit and cheese skewers (ground cherry, cheddar, grapes or watermelon and feta)
  • Grilled chickpeas
  • Olives filled with almonds
  • Dates stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts

Family picnic

For a little impromptu family picnic, there's nothing like betting on simplicity, like the classic sandwiches-crudités— formula, for example. We can opt for more traditional sandwiches or dare to be varied, according to our family's tastes, by trying sweet and savory combinations (chicken-raisins or cheese-pear), or using original toppings (tapenade, grilled peppers, cucumber slices , fennel, etc.). 

To accompany dips, we appreciate the practicality of the individual hummus formats offered in particular by Fontaine Santé.  

Picnic while hiking

When you carry your picnic on your back, you greatly appreciate that it does not weigh a ton! A light lunch, of course, but without skimping on its nutritional intake, to provide the energy and nutrients necessary for the continuation of the hike. The foods selected should provide simple and complex carbohydrates as well as protein to support, all without being too fatty, which can interfere with digestion. We also avoid empty calories (i.e. those that provide few nutrients in exchange, such as chips, soft drinks, sweets, etc.). Depending on the type of hike, it may be advantageous to take several small breaks during which you eat lightly rather than stopping for a long time for a hearty meal.  

Discover my ideas for sandwiches for the picnic

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