Hearing of GAFA: Bezos defends the “success” of Amazon

Audition des GAFA: Bezos défend le «succès» d’Amazon

SAN FRANCISCO | Jeff Bezos plans to defend the balance sheet and the achievements of his company, Amazon, in terms of glowing reviews Wednesday during a hearing of the four giants of the technology to the Congress on possible anti-competitive practices.

In his opening speech, published Tuesday on the blog of his band, he returns on the risk-taking of the debut and expands on its success with consumers, its role in terms of creation of jobs and the amount of competition that Amazon faces in the retail sector.

He concludes that Amazon “must be examined”, like any large organization, but also cautions, upstream: “If, when you look in the mirror and evaluate the criticism, you still think you have made the right decisions, no force in the world should be able to make you change.”

As Sundar Pichai (Alphabet, parent company Google), Tim Cook (Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), the boss will have to defend his company, which is accused of having become too dominant.

Jeff Bezos looks back on her birth, a mother, a high school student and an immigrant father, and on the Amazon, in a garage, the first of a long series of risk-taking.

“The returns resulting from bets against the wisdom of the people,” he says, before recalling that his group has also experienced many failures, amounted to several billion dollars.

It welcomes the trust of consumers, and even the country in general, citing “polls independent” according to which “80% of Americans have a generally favourable impression of the Amazon”.

It ensures that, far from crushing the competition, its success is due to many SMES, and it explains in part the proliferation of sites of e-commerce competitors, from Walmart to Etsy.

And it stands out three other technology leaders, all of which are located in the Silicon Valley, claiming that his group “does not account for 1% of the 25,000 billion dollars in the world market of the distribution, and 4% in the United States”.

But the accumulation of wealth by the richest man in the world is not to the liking of all.

As to the favour of the pandemic and the measures of containment, Amazon has made it even more indispensable in the daily life.

Its business in the cloud (remote computing), the leader of a fast growing market, home to platforms like Netflix. The group markets directly, many products of everyday life and consumer electronics, as the speakers Echo, and also holds entertainment services (Amazon Prime Video, Twitch…).

Most of all, its online sales site has faced an explosion of demand at the beginning of the health crisis, to the point that the group had to decide which products would be shipped priority and what others should expect.

A site on which many of the members and of the associations accused him of being both judge and party.

“It is as if I had a store in a shopping center and the owner of the centre was setting up a shop in front of mine, to sell the same products as me, and lower prices,” says Mike Massey, the owner of a brand of sports equipment from The New Orleans, during a press conference organized by Athena, a consortium of associations anti-Amazon.

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