“Heart failed…”: the star of the series “Matchmakers” is going through a bereavement

"Сердце не выдержало...": звезда сериала "Сваты" переживает тяжелую утрату

The series “Matchmakers” photo screenshot

today, 15:40

The series “Matchmakers” for the years of shooting has a lot of screen stories, and also acquired real-life stories, joyful and tragic.

"Сердце не выдержало...": звезда сериала "Сваты" переживает тяжелую утрату

“Matchmakers”, footage from the film

So, one of the Actresses in “the Matchmakers” Olesya Zheleznyak, who played brilliantly in the film prostakova, but kind and funny Larissa Buhangin, experienced a great personal tragedy. She all of a sudden, one after another, has left the life of native people – her parents.

First, the stroke-crippled father. She at this time was very busy at work, so dad and I sitting mother. However, to withdraw it and put it on his feet and failed.

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"Сердце не выдержало...": звезда сериала "Сваты" переживает тяжелую утрату

“Matchmakers”, footage from the film

“Heart failed and he died, and behind him is soon gone and mother” — shares his trouble, the heroine of the series “Matchmakers”.

She was pregnant with her firstborn, and very grieved at the loss of his parents. Husband Spartacus very supportive favorite. Otherwise, who knows how it would all work out.

Now work on the seventh season of “Matchmakers” continued, and the heroine Olesya Zheleznyak it will. Though all the actors are pretty smys. In particular, Olesya made a remarkable recovery.

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