Heat records broken in the south-west of France

Heat records broken in southwestern France


Temperature records for the month of September were broken in southwestern France on Monday due to a heat wave from Morocco, Météo-France reported. 

It was very hot in the Landes, with 39.1 degrees in Mont-de-Marsan and 39°C in Dax, and in the south-west in general, with 36.5 °C in Albi and Brive.

Bordeaux recorded a record with 37.5 degrees, unheard of since the 37°C recorded in 1987.

With 37.2° C, the city of Tarbes, at the foot of the Pyrenees, had not been so hot in September for nearly 60 years (35.8°C in 1964). Same thing in Pau, with 38.9°C, which beats a record dating back more than 50 years (36.3°C in 1970).

The thermometer has climbed to 33.5 degrees in Aurillac . The west of the country was also affected since Nantes recorded 35.1°C, a record for more than six decades (34.3°C in 1961).

These exceptional temperatures are explained by of “the hot air which comes from Morocco and which was propelled by a depression, the ex-hurricane Danielle, which is located off the coast of Portugal”, explained to AFP a forecaster from Météo-France.

Temperatures will drop on Tuesday, but will remain warm, above 30 degrees, in the territories concerned, before returning to normal for the season at the end of the week, indicates the same source.