Heat wave: a gift card for the purchase of air conditioners

Canicule: des cartes-cadeaux pour l’achat de climatiseurs

MONTREAL – A fundraising initiative has been launched to subsidize air-conditioners the benefit of Montreal’s low-income.

The campaign sociofinancement launched by the organization MTL Care of Air targets an initial goal of $ 5000.

“Our goal is to prevent a health crisis related to the heat in Montreal in subsidizing the purchase of air conditioners for the Montreal low-income”, said Saturday MTL Care Air.

The organizers of the quest are distributing gift cards to 50 low-income residents to help them to buy air conditioners.

The closure of public places with air conditioning because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus does that complicate the situation for a number of Montrealers, private air-conditioning, ” said MTL Care Air.

Quebec has already had two heat waves with the mercury at temperatures of to kill a cicada.

In 2018, the heat wave had made more than 90 dead in Quebec.

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