Heat wave: a third wave of heat to come

Canicule: une troisième vague de chaleur à venir

A third heat wave expected to hit at the beginning of the next week on the Quebec, provide Environment Canada’s meteorologists.

If the temperature will climb very close to the bar 30 °C as soon as Wednesday in the Montreal area, it is mainly from Saturday that caution will be required, as the forecast state of a temperature that will reach without interruption the mark of 30 °C.

The meteorologist André Cantin of Environment Canada pointed out, however, that the rate of humidity will be lower than during the previous heat wave. Tuesday, it was forecasting a humidex below 40 degrees, hovering around 36 degrees beginning next Saturday. He explained that there will be a few clouds.

In all cases, said the specialist, Quebecers will be entitled to the “fair weather generally sunny”, as soon as Friday, and until at least half of the next week.

Risk of rain is anticipated, for the moment, in the night from Thursday to Friday.

Remember that depending on the use, a heat wave is declared after three days with the thermometer showing a minimum of 30 °C without the humidex factor.

The previous heat wave of this summer season, which lasted more than six days, has put some records. Thus, with the mercury climbing up to 34.7 °C, the heat wave reached its peak, in Montreal, Monday, June 22.

It was on June 22, the warmest in 150 years, since the temperatures are recorded in the metropolis. The absolute record for the month of June is 35 °C, and a date of 1964.

The first heat wave of the season occurred at the end of may when the mercury has crossed the bar of 30 °C three days in a row. It is the one of the heat waves and the most hasty of the history of the province.

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