Heat wave: the british beaches are being overrun, the police must intervene

Vague de chaleur: des plages anglaises débordées, la police doit intervenir

The heat wave that hit Europe pushed the British to mass on the beaches Thursday, prompting the local authorities to involve the police to disperse them in full pandemic of novel coronavirus.

The temperature has reached to 33.3 degrees Celsius at Heathrow airport in London, making Thursday the warmest day of the year according to the weather service, which expected to see the thermometer close to records in Wales.

In the Face of the crowd, massed on the beaches in spite of its recommendations, the city council of the seaside town of Bournemouth, in the south, has declared a ” major incident “, triggering a coordinated response of police and rescue.

In a press release, the city council has deplored the attitude “irresponsible” and ” shocking “. According to him, the local services have had to issue more than 500 fines for illegal parking, and have been confronted with violations of the prohibition of camping as well as verbal abuse from the public.

Over 33 tons of garbage have been collected on the coast on Thursday morning.

“We are not in a position to host as many visitors currently, ( … ). PLEASE, do not come, we are not ready to welcome you, ” argued the president of the municipal council, Vikki Slade, in this press release.

The health authorities currently recommend that keeping two meters between each person to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus, which has claimed more than 43 000 deaths in the United Kingdom, the balance sheet, the heaviest in Europe.

This distance will be reduced to one metre to allow the re-opening of pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas on 4 July, but only on condition that measures to reduce the risk, such as special protective equipment or ventilation, are in place.

“We are still in the midst of a health crisis, and such a large number of people visiting our area and it increases the pressure on our emergency services,” explained an official of the local police, Sam de Reya.

Mercury is crazed in a great part of Europe this week as a result of a warm air mass coming from Africa, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees in the scandinavian countries.

This heat wave, the first since the arrival of the coronavirus in the lives of Europeans, should not take with a drop in temperatures expected by the weekend.

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