Heated debate in parliament taiwanese: fights and water bombs

Débat houleux au parlement taïwanais: bagarres et bombes à eau

TAIPEI | One heated debate ended on Friday by fighting in the parliament of taiwan, for the third time in fifteen days, some members even going so far as to throw water bombs on their opponents.

The deputies taiwanese are known to begin sometimes physically in the debates, and the fights have especially taken over the past two weeks around the appointment of the future head of the agency responsible for control of the various organs of the government.

We could see a member of the democratic progressive Party (DPP), the ruling send a punch to a colleague of the Kuomintang (KMT, opposition).

And a little later, members of the KMT have begun to attack those of the DPP to kick water bombs, forcing them to protect themselves with impermeable plastic and large cardboard panels.

The DPP proposed for the position in question, Chen Chu, 70 years, known for his fights for Human rights and was imprisoned for six years of the time of the dictatorship of the Kuomintang.

The DPP having the majority in parliament, his appointment was finally ratified, in spite of the fights.

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