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Heatwave in New York

New York Heat Wave


At the Burlington airport, I carefully observe the flight board. The indications follow one another and pass from “on time”. to “delayed”. However, the most disconcerting thing is to see “cancelled” appear on the screen. Mine to New York still shows up. A line of severe thunderstorms disrupts air travel. There you go, the last flights are in red! So I resign myself to calling travel insurance for an unexpected night in Burlington. 

The next day, I take the first flight and arrive at my destination, not without turbulence. The thunderstorms gave way to fine weather. However, the rising mercury and the feeling linked to the humidity become scorching. For the first time, I experience this kind of oppressive heat in a city landlocked between skyscrapers like New York! I am at a point where I limit my activities to the highlights of the day, as if I were traveling in Africa. I go for a walk early in the morning and late in the evening, once the sun has set. In the heart of Times Square, in a bustling crowd, I gasp. I take a few streets back and discover a small oasis. In Bryant Park, people seem to be looking for coolness on the grass. This green space, in the heart of Manhattan, rests on a former drinking water reservoir of 20 million gallons. The name oasis then takes on its full meaning…

Camera: Canon EOS RP

Lens: RF 24- 105mm

Exposure: 1/10s at F/4

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