Heavy penalty is sought for a father abuser

Lourde peine réclamée pour un père abuseur

A seventy-year-old convicted of sexually assaulting his daughter for many years, may, today, impose a very long prison sentence.

It is in the company of his son, Gilles Gilbert, 77 years old, presented himself hidden, yesterday, at the palace of justice of Quebec, to attend to the comments on the sentence.

In the room, the daughter of the accused who has found the courage to denounce the abuses of which she was a victim took place, serene. Another woman who made the charges of sexual appetite voracious Gilbert when she was 7 years old when the first assault was too.

From the outset, the prosecutor, Me Valérie Lahaie, has called for the man a sentence of eight years in detention, reminding the judge Pierre Rousseau it was “difficult to put a figure on of the events that had broken lives.”

Sequelae, and serious consequences

“The legacy and the consequences are aisle of consumption to depressions, are repeated and it is necessary to keep in mind the young age of the victims at the time of the assault and the fact that there has been, for the victim, sexual penetration complete”, she added.

In defence, Me Kevin Plamondon, meanwhile, pointed out to the magistrate “that there was no medical evidence” that would argue that the “consequences and side effects” experienced by the victims were “related to the attacks,” and he asked for his client a sentence of two years less a day of detention.


Out of the hearing room, the daughter of Gilbert wished to speak to the media following the lifting of an order protecting his identity.

It recalled that, although the process of termination is one that is long, it was important to do so.

“At every step, I grow up… As a victim, we are trapped… but it must be free of this hold to regain the power over our life and even if it is difficult, even if it is stressful, it is part of the path that frees”, she mentioned.

Gilles Gilbert comes before the court on 4 September to learn his sentence.

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