Hellbound: a season 2 for the South Korean series Netflix? The creator responds

Hellbound, here is the trailer for season 1 in video: a season 2 for the South Korean series Netflix? The creator responds! After the success of Squid Game, Hellbound is also a hit on Netflix. The new South Korean series is number 1 in the top 10 of the streaming platform. The fans are already hoping for a season 2. And the creator, Yeon Sang Ho, has also mentioned the desire to make a sequel.

Hellbound season 2: will there be a sequel on Netflix?

If you followed Squid Game on Netflix (we already have theories on season 2), you should enjoy Hellbound ! We follow angels and demons who sow terror in Seoul by telling humans the date and time of their death. Violent and bloody deaths, which would be reserved for those who have sinned. All with a religious sect on the backdrop. While Hellbound season 1 is number 1 in Netflix's top 10, fans are already hoping for a season 2. And creator Yeon Sang Ho, who also directed the films Last Train for Busan or even Peninsula , is also hoping for a sequel.

“As of yet, nothing has been confirmed and we have no plans for a season 2” explained the Hellbound showrunner , the new South Korean series that hits Netflix, to a South Korean media. But “we should discuss this later” .

If he has any ideas for a season 2 but it's not commissioned by Netflix, Yeon Sang Ho clarified that “As this is an original manga, the Intellectual Property (IP) rights belong to me and screenwriter Choi. If Netflix doesn't make Season 2, it's possible that it will be broadcast on other platforms “. But the showrunner is happy with his collaboration with the platform: “It was my first job with Netflix and it was very successful, but if I do it again with Netflix, I won't take a similar approach” . He's even already started another work with Netflix, a sci-fi movie.

The creator teases a sequel … in webtoon

The director would see himself told the sequel, but not necessarily in a season 2. He would like to do a sequel in the form of a webtoon (like the original work): “It's not that there will be or not a season 2 of the live-action series, but the author of the original webtoon, Choi Gyu Seok, and I talked about continuing the Hellbound story in the form of a webtoon. “We may be able to publish the comics online in the second half of next year,” he clarified.

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