Hellboy, squat and insects: what to watch in the cinema this week

Film fans will be able to see the new film premieres

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Хеллбой, сквот и букашки: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе


In Ukrainian cinemas from 11 April you can see the fantastic action, the Ukrainian drama, the French-Chinese cartoon and family film. We offer you a list of movies that will be released in movie.


A new film about the demon Hellboy, who helps people to fight the forces of evil. In the scenario of the film is a series of popular comics. This time Hellboy is sent to Britain, where he will meet with his wife Merlin – Bloody Queen. She is ready to take revenge on all humanity for held in captivity for centuries.


The main character is a photographer Lisa that works at the passport service. Once a girl gets into an unusual society of young people, each of them immensely talented: some dance, others sing the third poet and writer. All of these people live in the Squat dilapidated house. The house would have long since demolished, if not one single resident is 80-year-old Faina. Meeting with squamously dramatically changes the life of Lisa.

“Insects 2: Caribbean adventure”

In the valley the first snow fell, and it means we need urgently to prepare for winter. Need to stock up on food. During replenishment the little ladybug accidentally gets into the box, which is sent to the Caribbean Islands. His friends with captain Daredevil heading through Now they face a new world, new bugs and new dangers.

“Mr. link: the missing link of evolution”

Lionel frost is a fearless scientist-naturalist, who seeks to get into the Club of great travelers. But Mr. frost there do not take, believing his ideas are delusional. His task: to prove to the world the existence of various animals, which were stuff of legends. The opening of a new frost – the wild the Bigfoot link, then the “missing link” that connects humanity with his ancestors according to the system of evolution. The film became the fifth puppet film Studio Laika, based on the technology of stop-motion. The main roles are voiced by Hollywood stars.

Recall that in Ukrainian cinemas from 4 April it will be possible to watch four new films: a fiction Thriller, a horror film based on the novel by Stephen king, the Ukrainian painting and Comedy with Matthew McConaughey in the title role.

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Хеллбой, сквот и букашки: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе

Хеллбой, сквот и букашки: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе

Хеллбой, сквот и букашки: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе


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