Hells in troubled waters

Hells in troubled waters

and Maxime Deland MISE À DAY

Like the Montreal mafia, the Hells Angels are going through a turbulent zone as their two main leaders were conspicuous by their absence two weeks ago during a public rally where the participation of all bikers was nevertheless mandatory.

It was without Martin Robert and Stéphane Plouffe that the 80 Quebec members of the Hells made their first official motorcycle outing of the year and feasted in Sorel-Tracy, from 5 to May 7, learned the QMI Agency and our Bureau of Investigation.

The absence of the two famous bikers did not go unnoticed, both by the police at the roadblocks who checked the identity of all the participants in the event called the First Run, and by the Hells.&nbsp ;

All members wearing the jacket of the angels of hell, adorned with the famous winged skull, have the obligation to participate in this activity where they appear in public, under the terms of world regulations of the band which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. 

Police pressure

Martin Robert, known for his lavish wedding in a downtown Montreal ballroom in December 2018, is considered by authorities to be the most influential member of the Hells in Quebec , even in Canada.

Hells in troubled waters

Archival photo, QMI Agency, Maxime Deland Martin Robert
Hells Angels

Stéphane Plouffe, the celebrant of these weddings, is not only listed by law enforcement as one of the three most powerful Hells, but also among the most important actors in Quebec organized crime. 

< p>Hells in troubled waters

Stéphane Plouffe
Hells Angels

According to our sources, they had not traveled abroad during the rally and would still be in Quebec.

But the two former Death Riders biker colors have found themselves in troubled waters for two months.

Robert and Plouffe are among a group of four Hells from the Montreal chapter to be targeted in a major drug investigation by the National Organized Crime Squad (ENRCO), which conducted searches in their luxurious residences on March 29.

The Rizzuto Affair 

Additionally, the Hells' top-flight duo are said to be close to notorious mafioso Francesco Del Balso, whom police suspect to have ordered the attempted murder in which co-mafia boss Leonardo Rizzuto was injured. by gunshot, March 15 in Laval.

Robert and Plouffe are not targeted in this investigation, but sources from the Bureau of Investigation describe their business ties with Del Balso as “radioactive”.&nbsp ;

“This story does not sit well with many other Hells Angels. It creates discontent internally and it makes the club look bad, ”a police source well connected to the underworld told us.

Del Balso's head is under contract murder worth $250,000. According to the police thesis, this specialist in extortion and illegal sports betting was able to order the attack on Rizzuto in retaliation for a shooting from which he himself emerged unscathed, in November 2022. 

The police arrested him and confiscated his passport on March 23, at Trudeau airport, when this ex-lieutenant of the Rizzuto clan was trying to clear off for Europe.

– With Félix Séguin

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