The nice weather has allowed many to rediscover the pleasure of gardening. If we rely on the goodwill in the nursery, the containment has allowed others to discover a new passion. Pair this hobby with a growing desire for self-sufficiency, it is not a lot of people to research stuff for work her corner of the earth. Here are a few pros who give their tips on different platforms.

Happens in campaign

For the past five seasons, Stefano Faita brings alive the experience of the farm to urban families. An appointment is often entertaining as our city dwellers must take part in agricultural tasks. Thanks to the program, understanding of where our foods and how they are grown. In the end of the program, the cooking and enjoyed the food harvested.

► Thursday 19: 30 to VAT

The Big Flower Fight

We do not know what to invent as competition on television. But it comes at a time when there is more interest than ever in gardening. If you have ideas of sizes or desires to take you to Edward Scissorhands (the hands of money) to impress the vicinity, this show will make you crazy ! The Big Flower Fight is a british series landed on Netflix 10 days ago. It features a competition of floral sculptures. It is Mosaïculture meeting The chefs ! The colorful competitors that can be found under a huge dome built for the circumstances, come as much of Europe as in the United States. The challenges range from the giant insect to the creature to hair passing by the tales characters or fashion designs to reproduce with flowers, vegetation, creativity and a minimum amount of time.

We are looking for : the ideas of the quantities, to be entertained.

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The green week

Program phare of quebec agriculture, The green week is broadcast for 50 years ! Catherine Mercier provides animation after taking over from Errol Duchaine and Yvon Leblanc. The beauty of this show is that it is more timely than ever. The issues of power, self-sufficiency, and the environment are addressed. There is always light on the new techniques and advances in the field. We are here at the base of our vital needs and we ensure we keep well-informed. Two weeks ago, we proposed recall a story particularly inspiring on a farm completely self-sufficient in a triplex in the heart of Montreal. Garden on the roof, chickens, fish, whole family of this urban farmer self-taught, having put his hand to the dough. A number of resources for gardeners to be well informed.

We are looking for : be informed on the issues of agriculture, food, environment, know where we are in these sectors, discover the hard work of the people who work in it.

► Saturday 17 h on this Radio-Canada Télé


This series was broadcast on the airwaves of States and emissions are always available on their platform. It is still current, as it follows Patrick Thibeault, a farmer and amateur of New Brunswick, which has had a desire to become self-sustaining while respecting its principles and in following the impulses of nature and the seasons. His route very well documented is inspiring. Beyond emissions, there is a platform powered stuff to build his garden and invest his land, but also of his thoughts on this whole adventure.

The farmers

When we talk about self-sufficiency in food, farming and the organic farming Jean-Martin Fortier is a reference. Co-founder of the Jardins de la Grelinette, of the Farm of the Four-Time and author of the Gardener-gardening, manual farming on a small surface, education is her mission. It also offers online courses. It is in this spirit that it is found for a second season in the documentary series The farmers. During the first season of the apprentice farmers follow the rhythm of the seasons on the farm. In the second, we follow these young gardeners-gardeners in the foundation of their own projects. In addition to emissions very well made, capsules, specific on the different products that are available on the platform of United TV.

We are looking for : the side lines of the approach, educate themselves on a culture of organic, and accessible, to get the information to start our own small projects, to be of his time.

► Sunday, 17: 30 or Monday 20 p.m. on U.s. TV.

Hi Hello

The daily morning show discusses issues of gardening each month. Lately, we have been able to see Guillaume Duranceau-Thibert. Passionate about travel (he has his own YouTube channel) and horticulture (he is a co-owner with his mother Louise to a garden centre), it has a lively Destination garden with Guillaume on the waves of Casa. During his last attendance at the program, he gave us tips to make beautiful pots of flowers or herbs.

► Hi Hello during the week at 7 am, Salut Bonjour weekend as early as 6 h

Horticulture Extreme

Albert Mondor is our collaborator on the Journal for everything related to gardening. It is always present in the content that he offers to us in addition to pay special attention to the gardeners the less experienced while providing advice to the more seasoned. He has collaborated on several tv programs (we can see the weather network in particular) and a few months ago, he released his 10th book, The gardener plugged in. It follows on Facebook where it shows us that we can easily grow vegetables in a pot if it does not have a large garden.

News garden TV

If you want to travel a little, Patrick Milouane is a journalist specialising in gardening and horticulture. With his wife, in the region of Essonne in France, he started his YouTube channel in order to share their passion for gardening. Several specialists are working together. There is a small side bonne franquette, but the gardens presented are beautiful. The capsules, which vary from 2 to 8 minutes, offer stuff simple enough that are applicable to us.

► On YouTube

In my garden with Larry Hodgson

It is nicknamed the gardener is lazy, the name of its web platform, and of his successful book. He has also contributed to the show In my garden including the most recent episodes are always available on tele-mag. Larry dissects every element of gardening with a lot of clarity and its tips are simple.

► Available on and

The capsules of Martha Laverdière

You have almost certainly heard of the very colorful horticulturalist Martha Laverdière, a woman who has no language in his pocket, and that has a lot of humour when she talks about plants and vegetables. Owner of the family business Greenhouses of Li-Ma, it was with a particular view to Hi Hello. It also gives us all her stuff in capsules on his YouTube channel. Plant cabbages, tomatoes, make a planter balcony. She shared two capsules per week to accompany us in our garden.

► Available on YouTube

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