Henri PFR back with the clip colorful “Loving Myself”

Henri PFR de retour avec le clip coloré de "Loving Myself"

Clip “Loving Myself” : Henri PFR, the boyfriend of EnjoyPhoenix, takes us in a colourful universe

Three years after Until The End, Henri PFR finds the british singer Raphaella on his last piece of Loving Myself. In addition to the audio version, the belgian DJ and boyfriend of EnjoyPhoenix unveils the clip colorful sound electro chill in which he teaches us to love ourselves as we are.

Henri PFR back with Loving Myself

It is at the age of 14 years that Henri PFR unveils his first electro track, but his career explodes truly when his mixtapes “Summer Memories” and “Sunny Day” to reach several million views on YouTube. The belgian Dj then sequenced sounds such as In The Mood, Flames, Wake Up in feat with a Broken Back, Going On, One People, Easy , or even Until the End with Raphaella. The last in date ? Loving Myself, released this Friday 29 November 2019.

Electro-house, title, effective, and powerful, setting the mood and offers a side chill which is good. To illustrate Loving Myself, sung by Raphaella (who has already collaborated with the producer on Until the End), Henri PFR has selected a clip fun and colorful in which a man becomes another person to learn to love. In short, the message is to accept, you must already find out who one really is.

Love at the rendezvous

Love side, everything is going very well for Henri PFR. The artist is in a relationship with EnjoyPhoenix for several months now : “I met someone, and this is the reason why I am often in Brussels, Belgium, because he lives there. He is a DJ and his name, before you go and get it, it is Henri PFR (…) I wanted to share it with you just for informational purposes, without necessarily making a formal announcement on Instagram, or show it completely in a video because I don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past“, has announced the YouTubeuse last July.

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