Henry Cavill return as Superman ? The actor does not loose the super-hero

Henry Cavill de retour en Superman ? L'acteur ne lâche pas le super-héros

Superman returns with Henry Cavill ? The actor does not loose the super-hero

It is not known what is the future of Superman at the cinema, but we do know one thing however : Henry Cavill intends to be a part of it. The actor recalled, despite the rumors, he has not abandoned his role within the DCEU.

Ben Affleck may have left her costume of Batman to Robert Pattinson, but Henry Cavill has no intention of following the same path. It was announced at the magazine Men’s Health : “The cape is in my wardrobe. It is always to me“. Yes, the interpreter of Clark Kent in three films by the DCEU has the intention to continue this adventure in the cinema.

Henry Cavill holds on to Superman

After having recalled that Batman v Superman was “primarily a Batman film. This feeling of darkness was legitimate for a Batman film” and that the Justice League was simply to forget “, It didn’t work, “Henry Cavill has confessed to still having a lot of ideas to put in place to bring justice to this legendary character.

I have not abandoned this role. There is still a lot of things that I need to bring for Superman,” he explained, stating then : “there are a lot of stories to tell. There is a diving sincere in the heart of the honesty of this character that I want to explore. I want to pay tribute to the comics. It is important for me. There is a justice to render to Superman. So the status is simple [on his future] : to follow“.

Taking a strong position which, hopefully, will move the things on the side of Warner Bros and DC. After all, despite the failure of the DCEU as such, the recent successes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the two heroes rest assured of soon go solo to the cinema, have proved that the public is not angry with them. Therefore, the Superman Henry Cavill still has his place in there.

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