Her cat sent for X-rays at the airport

Her cat x-rayed at the airport


Airport security people see all the colors, but a cat living in a carrier in the x-ray machine is surprising! < /p>

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee had to look twice when he saw a feline appear on his screen at Norfolk International Airport in Virginia on Friday.

It is allowed to travel with your pet on your carrier in the United States and in several countries, but the passenger must comply with strict rules concerning his cat or dog.

The animal must absolutely be taken out of its cage before it is subjected to X-rays.

Through their spokesperson, Lisa Farbstein, the TSA showed the poor cat's x-ray on their Twitter account. 

Ms. guard. “Attention pet owners. SPV, do not send your animal to the X-ray machine. This is a CAT-astrophic error!” she wrote lightly.

From the New York Post