Her jewels have disappeared after his death in NURSING homes

Ses bijoux ont disparu après son décès en CHSLD

The family of a woman who died of the COVID-19. deplores the fact that the jewelry worn at all times by their mother until at the very end are now missing and feared that they have been stolen on his death-bed.

“This is not the value in money, it is the sentimental value,” explained one of the daughters of the deceased who died on the 28th of may of the COVID-19.

Hosted at the CHSLD Gardens of the Haut Saint-Laurent for a few years, Anik Leclerc has been washed away by the wave late that killed 32 residents of this accommodation centre de Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

As is the rule in the time of a pandemic, the daughters of Mrs. Leclerc have not been able to clear out the room of their mother.

This is only the 13 June, the eve of the funeral of the late 90 years, they have gone in search of the “garbage bags” containing his personal effects.

No jewelry

In unpacking the bags, Francine, and Nancy Paquet realized with amazement that the personal jewelry of their mother were not there.

His neck chain in gold, his ring and his wedding ring dating back to 1947, the ring her deceased husband, a watch and two bracelets had disappeared. “I had the heart big enough”, lance with emotion Francine.

“This is where the game of ping-pong began,” says Nancy. The CHSLD said to have done some research, without success. He then referred the family to the funeral home, who had no more answers.

According to the sisters, the CHSLD has given a lot of versions to explain the disappearance, claiming first that there had perhaps been a robbery, and that she had more about her at her death.

“Even if, in the last time, she had lost much of its personality, it was her jewelry,” retorted Francine, who has always seen her mother with her jewelry.

The sisters say that she still had her jewelry during a FaceTime video a week before the death.

“It is difficult to conceive that there is no protocol for the personal effects of persons who die”, argues Nancy. “It hurt,” adds Francine.

Complaint to the police

The sisters still have difficulty to believe that there has been a vol, “I don’t want to accuse anyone of stealing because I think it’s big,” said Nancy, who still hopes to find the jewelry.

But the lack of a response, the Packet have filed a complaint with the Sûreté du Québec, which is now investigation.

The family of Mrs. Jones also wants to alert other families affected by the COVID-19.

Called on to comment, the director of the CHSLD Gardens of the Haut Saint-Laurent, Nathalie Côté, has not deigned to make the calls in the Log.

This last has, however, called Nancy Package after the call the Newspaper to inform them that further research would be done to find the jewelry.

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