Here are 10 fun facts about this film is colourful

Voici 10 faits amusants à propos de ce film haut en couleur

Poppie and Branch are back for an all-new adventure in which they discover that they are only one of the 6 tribes of Trolls that evoke 6 music genres: Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop and Rock.

So, here are 10 fun facts and secrets of shooting that you do not know can not be about Trolls 2: world Tour.

1. To enlarge the world of the Trolls, the team behind the film has decided to create a map of the world based on the different genres of music. The 6 genres of music, therefore, represent the 6 different worlds.

2. To visually differentiate each world, they all have a palette of different color. In the world of Pop, everything is pink and turquoise. In Rock, everything is black, red and dark blue. The Funk is purple and gold, the Country is in the warm, neutral tones, the Classic is golden and the Techno is made up of bright colors.

3. The character design is of course inspired by the toy ultrapopulaire of the 60s and 70s of the same name. Small, stocky and with a voluminous hair and colorful, the characters are also inspired by the clothing of wool in which the famous toy was sold at the time. It is also the texture of the wool which has inspired the whole universe that we can observe during the film.

4. The Trolls of the different worlds all have a look inspired by the fabrics most commonly associated with their genre of music. For the Trolls of the Rock, the textures of the main ones are the denim, leather, satin and net. The team of special effects, directed by Steve Wood, had to be creative! For example, to represent the lava, they have used the satin.

5. The fabrics and textures were inspired by each world, not just this one Rock! Since the Trolls Techno advocate love, peace and harmony, and their world under water is inspired by the macrame. For the celestial atmosphere of “Symphonieville”, in the world of the Classic, rather, we note the embroidery, and so on.

6. One of the textures the most difficult to recreate for the team of special effects was the glitter. In a scene where a character discovers an oasis in the desert, water has been created from billions of brilliant individual!

7. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are back in the roles of Poppie and Branch, but they have changed. Poppie is the queen of the world Pop now and the Branch will try to support it, while coping with the fact that he has feelings for her.

8. An all-new cast filled with stars attached to Poppie and Branch to the result. Rachel Bloom is Barb, the queen of Rock, and his father is none other than Ozzy Osbourne. In the world of Country, we find Delta Dawn who is played by Kelly Clarkson and Sam Rockwell in the role of Hickory. In the world of Funk, renowned musicians such as Mary J. Blige and Anderson Paak can be heard. And the list goes on!

9. In addition to the 6 genres of music key, Poppie and Branch will meet many others during their adventure. Among these, we count the Jazz, Reggaetón, and K-Pop.

10. The clan of K-Pop is interpreted by the members of the very, very popular group Red Velvet. They will also be measured by the Reggaetón in a dance competition that you’re not ready to forget.

Trolls 2: world Tour is available now at Videotron. Good viewing!

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Voici 10 faits amusants à propos de ce film haut en couleur

Voici 10 faits amusants à propos de ce film haut en couleur

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