Here are 10 Quebec songs that warmed up January

Here are 10 Quebec songs that warmed up January< /p> , Raphaël Gendron-Martin and Sarah-Émilie Nault MISE À DAY

January is no longer the musical deserts of old. New things abound. In the bundle, here are ten pieces that warmed our hearts during this usually colder month. 

AWWMEN, Miss Sassoeur

(CB) – This second extract from Myriam Bois's next album (Giggles, February 10), alias Miss Sassoeur, sounds like a jubilant call to happiness. On a gospel background, Miss Sassoeur reminds us that after the rain, there is good weather. And also good music. 

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THE BLOCK TOUR, Michel Rivard

(RGM) – First original song by the songwriter since 2019, this piece is a look into the past full of tenderness. The “ti-cul Villeray” is celebrating its 50th anniversary this winter with a tour of the same name. Hoping that he continues to push “his luck” for several more years.

< em>LEITMOTIV, Dumas

(SEN) – The piece Leitmotiv contains everything that charms us from the singer-songwriter for so many years: a catchy chorus, flights of hope and touches of electro that instantly make you want to smile and dance, your arms in the air. 

< em>FOR OTHERS, Karolan Boily

(CB) – A few finely honed piano notes, simple and frank percussions, an interpretation of a lively sensitivity: in the alternative pop niche, this artist from Saint-Raymond de Portneuf is to be watched. 


(RGM) – Before creating his “culinary empire” Three times a day , Marilou had become known as a singer. Here she finally returns to her first love. And the return is quite convincing, if we trust the three recent extracts she launched, Rosie, The smoke of the candles and The artifices< /em>. Pretty delicate ballads.

< em>EYELID FLATS, Alex Doré

(SEN) – It's soft, it's soothing and it touches us like a breeze de bord de mer. Taken from the mini-album Île, this piece represents the essence of this first, and certainly not last, opus gently traveling. 

< em>ROCK BAND, Lumière

(CB) – There is a mini Freddy Mercury sleeping in Étienne Côté and under the glam- rock of Lumière, he offers with Rock Band a journey through time that stands out favorably in the current Quebec musical landscape. 

< em>ÉLÉGIE, Alexandra Stréliski

(RGM) – The pianist is very touching in this “sad song filled with pure love”. The piano mixes skillfully with the violin and the result grabs us directly to the heart. Can't wait for the new album, Neo-Romance, March 31.


(SEN) – A nice gift in French from singer-songwriter Jason Bajada who translated his song Brooklyn Isn't Big Enough For the Both of Us from his most recent album Crushed Grapes