Here are 10 songs released in February to discover

Here are 10 songs released in February to discover

, Raphaël Gendron -Martin and Sarah-Émilie Nault MISE À DAY

February is the month of love. Here are the ten new songs that made our hearts beat between two snowfalls. 

Obviously, La Zarra

(CB) – This is the song with which Quebecer La Zarra hopes to give France its first Eurovision title since 1977. We'll leave it to others to judge its chances of victory and we'll just appreciate the results. judicious combination of old French chanson and dance music.

Heresy, Stefie Shock

(RGM) – Composed around the time of the album Le décor, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, this unreleased piece has been sitting in the drawers all this time, due to a dispute over money between Stefie and her co-composer. Here it comes to light, to our delight.

Over there,Jack Layne

(SEN) – Taken from the second EP L'art du commun volume 2, this piece allows us to fully savor the lyrics of this young Quebec rapper . Coming from a family of musicians (his cousin is Louis-Jean Cormier), you can feel his love for music from the first listen to this song with its catchy chorus.

Boyfriend , Étienne Daho

(CB) – The first single from Étienne Daho's forthcoming album is a languorous dissertation on love which the French singer behind the hits Saudade and Tombé pour la France released, with an undeniable sense of opportunism, on Valentine's Day.

I'm dancing,Maude Audet

(RGM) – The aesthetics of the 1960s, reminiscent of the yéyé era of France Gall and Françoise Hardy, are evoked on this new title. A catchy track that lives up to its name, because you listen to it while nodding your head.

The Machine, Samuele

< p>(SEN) – We dare you not to jiggle while listening to La machine, by Samuele. From the album A spangle in the gear, this song aims to be a good barometer of the eccentricity, the color and the feeling of hope arising from this book-album exploring strong themes (the search for identity in particular) on rhythm music background.

I missed you,Isabelle Boulay

(CB) – In my heart, in France, there is Bashung and the others. Tell you how much I await Isabelle Boulay's cover album project from the late creator of La nuit je mens with a brick and a beacon. Relief, the first sample passes the test. Final verdict on March 17.

White gloves, Marilyne Léonard

(RGM) – There is an assumed duality in this piece by the author-composer who loves explore changes in direction. After a quiet game, we immerse ourselves in sensitivity and melancholy.

Words run out space, Simon Lachance

(SEN) – How good it is to listen to this joyful excerpt from the indie album , folk, electro-pop by Simon Lachance, The path of the broken pots. We can easily imagine having her play loudly in the car, the windows open, driving with a light heart to a new destination this summer.

Waiting, VioleTT Pi

(CB) – Few of you, dear readers, are familiar with this musical project by Karl Gagnon. Listening to this short and compelling piece of alternative pop should arouse your curiosity for this artist with a well-honed pen and sense of melody.