Here are 13 series to thrill for Halloween

Here are 13 Halloween series to thrill< /p> UPDATE DAY

Series of murders and strange affairs, it abounds on the platforms. Suspense and horror generate listening. If the Quebec examples are few, the Ryan Murphy, Mike Flannagan and company spoil the most assiduous to the genre. This Halloween weekend, here are some suggestions to put on the menu. 


< p>It's a nameless horror story. Especially since it's a true story. Jeffrey Dahmer is a famous serial killer. He was nicknamed the Milwaukee Monster. He killed 17 young men, dismembered them and allegedly even devoured some of their organs. If he came from the fertile mind of Ryan Murphy, we would perhaps salute the horrible imbalance of such a character. But some are rather questioning the relevance and decency of bringing it back into the news. Since its release three weeks ago, the series, often with difficult images, has been on the popularity charts. 

Available on Netflix 

< p>Survival Lesson
(All of Us Are Dead)

South Korean series have stood out for some time. Here we are in a zombie story. An outbreak sparked in a lab forces students at a high-profile college to isolate themselves there. Here, gore rubs shoulders with social criticism to which the creators make a leg. All the elements are there to attract crowds from all over the planet. 

Available on Netflix 

Interview with the Vampire
(Interview with the Vampire)

This Anne Rice classic, huge literary success then brought to the cinema with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, now finds its television version and proves that it is more than current. The proof: Lestat de Lioncourt is bisexual while Louis is homosexual. We understand that the series is also much more carnal. It's about homophobia, racism, too, and toxic masculinity. Journalist Daniel Molloy has aged. He is less impressed. And it is in the luxury of Dubai that he will conduct his big interview.

Available on Amazon Prime 

< em>The Midnight Club 

New master of horror, Mike Flanagan (The final resting place of the Hills) takes us to a hospital in the mid-1990s where sick young adults live. Eight of them meet every evening at midnight in the library where they tell stories of fear. This is where they make a pact. And it's also where they can hear those who have perished before them. 

Available on Netflix 


We are in the heart of the United States, in a small town that imprisons its inhabitants. The forest is home to horrifying creatures when the day falls and forces everyone to hide. The Matthews family is there, and all their attempts to leave town bring them back on the same route. 

Available on Amazon Prime 


We owe this strange and sometimes unbearable series to director Yannick Savard. We follow individuals who have been kidnapped to be kidnapped and tortured. They will have to find out what they have in common. A series as original as it is atypical. 

Available on Club illico


Who doesn't know Chucky, the famous sadistic and murderous doll? Found in an attic, the doll continues to wreak havoc among a group of teenagers. As a series of murders rages, the little demon manages to convince the young people, one at a time, that they are responsible for these deaths. Creator Don Mancini is still pulling the strings. Season 2 has just been released in the United States and is still unpublished here.

Season 1 available on Crave 

< em>Let the Right One In

Adapted from a Swedish bestselling novel, this series follows the daily life of Eleanor, a girl who stagnates at 12 after being transformed into a vampire, and his father. They traveled the world in search of a cure before stopping in New York where the girl only goes out at night. 

Available on Crave  

Black Lake

We don't often have so-called genre-defining Quebec series, here's one. Called in for help following the disappearance of a police officer, an investigator finds herself with her son in a small town that seems to be hiding a mysterious secret. Directed by Frédérick D'Amour with Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin. 

Available on Club illico

The Watcher

What if you were constantly observed while you are quietly in the comfort of your home? That's the premise of this other new series from the prolific Ryan Murphy. A New York family moves into a luxurious suburban home. The tension rises when she begins to receive letters from someone who says they are watching them. The more time progresses, the more intrusive details fill the missives. While all the neighbors look strange, she will seek to find who is hounding her fate. Starring Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale and Jennifer Coolidge, the series is currently enjoying great success.

Available on Netflix 

Servant – The Maid

Series produced by M. Night Shyamalan which is in its third season. After losing her child, a woman becomes attached to a therapy doll. She hires a nanny to take care of the “little one”. If he worries first about the mental health of his sweet, it is rather the guardian who will prove to be troubling. 

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Patrick Senécal presents

He is our own master of horror. In a nod to Hitchcock, the author presents each of the disturbing stories in his anthology series. Directed by Stéphane Lapointe, each episode has its own color. Sometimes gore, other times purely psychologically confusing, there is occasional space for black humor or fantasy. From a single neighbor to an audition gone wrong, there's something for everyone. Two seasons are available. 

Available on Club illico 

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities
(< em>Cabinet of Curiosities)

Master Guillermo del Toro series. It is also found in the introduction as Hitchcock did. Each of the eight episodes of this anthology series is led by a different director. The first two have just been dropped off just in time for a weekend of scare. Episode 1 highlights an ex-soldier looking to make money by buying up mini-warehouses to resell the contents. Episode 2 takes us to a graveyard where rats are robbing corpses.

Available on Netflix

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