Here are 16 books to consult to keep our resolutions!

Here are 16 books to consult to keep our resolutions!


To start the year on the right foot, here are some books that will help us if one of our good resolutions is to…


SOS sleep

If there is one thing that should not be neglected in our life, it is sleep. Not only because it is synonymous with psychological well-being, but because by sleeping little or badly on a regular basis, we attract a whole procession of physical problems. Far from being soporific, this illustrated guide explains how to spend better nights and overcome insomnia.  

My breathing book

We may inhale and exhale almost 2500 times each day, but that does not mean that we always do it well! Breathing being a powerful tool to help us reduce stress, release tension and recharge our batteries, we will learn here how to breathe better. The exercises offered are as varied as they are easy to do. 

Set your limits, find peace

Saying things like “no, I can't come and help you” or “sorry, but I don't want you to come” can be quite difficult. Because we will be afraid of hurting others and because we will feel guilty for having expressed our will out loud. However, setting limits is essential to be happy and to manage to reconcile work and family. You just need to know the techniques and as you can imagine, this bestseller reveals them all. 


It's sad, but we are often our worst judge. In addition to being harsh on ourselves, we tend to self-flagellate or think that we could always do better. A workbook to finally accept yourself is essential and thanks to it, we will gradually manage to be more indulgent towards ourselves, and to develop our self-esteem. 

< strong>… MOVE MORE

The Runner's Clinic

Running is probably one of the most accessible sports there is, since you only have to leave your home to get started! A true bible of running, this guide explains absolutely everything there is to know about training programs, injury prevention, running techniques, the choice of shoes, etc. So on your marks, get set, go!


This undated diary is the perfect companion to help us change certain lifestyle habits and achieve our health goals. Divided into thirteen blocks of four weeks, we can, among other things, note our daily consumption of water and alcohol, our physical activities, hours of sleep and “me-time” (the time we devote to ourselves). The sections entitled Review of the week then allow us to see more concretely how we are progressing.


At the table in 10 min

With this brand new culinary bible, there won't really be any reason not to eat homemade meals. British chef Gordon Ramsay offers us no less than 100 recipes that can be made in the time to say it. Instant mushroom lasagna, smoked salmon omelette, express lentil dhal, tandoori lamb steaks, beef stir-fry… Come on, let's get out the pans and start the clock! 

Top 50 Healthy Foods

This mini-sized guide can be taken anywhere and shines the spotlight on 50 superfoods to keep in shape. He will teach us, for example, that broccoli contains five times more calcium than cauliflower, that hazelnuts help reduce stress or that bananas are a natural antidepressant. In short, a tool to keep handy.

How not to diet

Ketogenic diet, reverse diet, paleo diet, Dukan diet… Diets are legion and as it can be quite difficult to navigate, this guide goes to the simplest: no more slimming cures! Instead, it is based on the latest scientific discoveries and gives us all the secrets that can lead to weight loss.


Eat Local 2!

Eating local means favoring fresh and seasonal food that does not come from the end of the world, but from a farm or an artisan close to home. Nutritionist Julie Aubé even encourages us to go further by “eating close”, that is to say by choosing foods “close to nature and their nature”. And to help us do this, she combines tips and recipes respecting the rhythm of the seasons. 

Doing more with less

It's no secret that we live in an ultra-consumerist society. This is a shame, because there are plenty of advantages to buying less and adopting frugality. It promotes eco-responsible actions (repair before replacing, reuse, cook with what we have in the fridge, etc.) and in addition, it allows us to save much, much more easily. This book is here to testify. 


Reboost< /strong>

Apparently, it would be possible to regain your vitality in just 21 days and this large format book gives us the keys to get there. Offering a three-phase program, he will show us how to adhere to new lifestyle habits, how to eat better and how to use medicinal plants to promote the elimination of toxins. Give it a try! 

Your doctor won't cure you

In our humble opinion, everyone should read this book, because it explains in no uncertain terms what to do (and not do!) to prevent chronic diseases and stay healthy as long as possible. Stop smoking? Yes, it is required. But that is far from everything and we will often be surprised to see how certain aspects of our way of life benefit from being changed. 

Let's calm down !

When you stop for two seconds to think about it, it's crazy how many decisions you can make in a day: third coffee or glass of water? Bus or bike? Call a meeting or not? Another episode or sleep? This book dissects our days and based on the latest scientific research, it clearly tells us whether our choices are good or not. And the amount of things you will learn along the way is simply phenomenal.


Islands of dreams

If we have always dreamed of going far away to an exotic island, we will now be spoiled for choice! With these 50 new itineraries around the world, the Ulysses house will really make us want to go everywhere: the Galapagos Islands, the Cayes of Belize, Saint-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines, Corsica, the Dalmatian Islands, Iceland, Djerba, the Mascarenes… 

30 days to create like Johanna Basford

The objective of this book is to awaken the artist who slumbers deep within us. How? By inviting us every day to color and draw for at least 10 minutes. After a month, we should see a very clear change in terms of our creativity. And this, even if we haven't used colored pencils and brushes for a long time!