Here are 20 inspiring actresses from the small screen in Quebec

Here are 20 inspiring actresses from the small Quebec screen


They are independent, professional, ambitious. They are leading women, career women, mothers, sisters, friends, lovers. Fighters, too, in love with justice and fairness. Women who juggle with the current reality in the face of the complexity of our society, of our interpersonal ties, of the necessary conciliation. A look at 20 outstanding characters whose daily struggles mark our minds.

Emmanuelle St-Cyr


Emergency physician and head of the emergency room at Saint-Vincent Hospital, Emmanuelle runs on adrenaline. With her, everything is clear, things run smoothly and everyone wants to surpass themselves. Patients are his priority, sometimes even at the expense of his own safety. She is also available for her friends and her brother, and she likes to organize well-watered dinners. If she can seem to let herself be dazed by work and by relationships without a future, it is because Emmanuelle has difficulty understanding the death of her husband and the flight of her son. Yet she stands guard for all those she loves and watches over. 

Gabrielle Laflamme


Crown Prosecutor, Gabrielle is entirely dedicated to the defense of her clients. Domestic violence is his fight. She is a strong woman who does not allow herself to be impressed. If she cannot help a woman in distress, she will do everything in her power to offer her the best conditions. This devotion hides, we feel it little by little, a vulnerability of the past which she used to make her strength. 

Maya Déry 


First on board, the sergeant did not have much style when she landed in Sainte-Alice. She doesn't smile much. She is direct, stubborn, insightful. It is both hot and shiny. In front of the suspects, nothing impresses him. She observes them and skillfully detects their flaws. She is as formidable as she is effective. 

Cindy Castonguay 


Investigator of the anti-gang squad, Cindy is fearless. And nothing can stop him from working, not even a gunshot wound that forces him to do his descents armed with a cane. She has her outspokenness, expresses herself with humor, without detour. She has already infiltrated organized crime, which allows her to have certain privileged contacts whom she visits for a dish of carbonara. She now teams up with Lily-Rose, another strong woman. A duo that does not allow itself to be imposed. 

Chantal Daigle 


All women in Quebec and even in Canada must thank Chantal Daigle for having led a historic fight thirty years ago, that of giving a woman the right to dispose of her body as she sees fit. She was in her early twenties when she stood up to Jean-Guy Tremblay, with whom she had a toxic relationship. After becoming pregnant, she leaves him and asks for an abortion. Opposed to her choice, he drags her into a legal process that will mark a great step in the history of women. 



Cindy has a positive impact on the people she meets. She is sweet and patient. By entering the life of Leo, this teenager without great ambition, she made him want to achieve goals. Cindy has always taken care of her brother, who lives with an intellectual disability, she spends a lot of time with her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's, in addition to being a mother. Professionally, she became manager of the Dubeau factory in addition to helping Léo build his own business. Work-family balance has a whole ambassador here. 



It is not easy to be catapulted into an environment that we know little about and especially into adversity. This is what Sarah experienced when she agreed to become the new manager of the Hôtel Dumont. Sarah has all the qualities for the job, but has to work with the owner's son, who was expecting to get there, and with an assistant manager who is not always up to the job, living his own challenges. She learns the hard way. 



It is often said that young people with a serious illness become stronger so as not to worry their parents more. This is the case of Margot, a force of nature. She lives with a terrible diagnosis, ovarian cancer, a disease that killed her mother. She is concerned about her grieving father, who is sinking into alcohol. She finds support in her roommates who juggle challenges similar to hers. Margot remains strong for others, but her illness forces her to grieve early, such as never being able to be a mother. A lot of stakes for a teenager. 

Marilou Côté


It is extremely difficult to denounce when one has been abused. Marilou did not hesitate for a second before filing a complaint against the darling of advertising. We tried to smear it, to discredit it. Exposing powerful people comes with its share of grief. One thing is certain, she has grown in dignity, even if discouragement, doubt and helplessness can take over. Each victim has their own journey. She has to respect herself there. But Marilou inspires and paves the way. 



Cheerful and generous, Annick is a popular woman who knows everyone. Her life turned upside down when the train crashed downtown into the bar where she was supposed to work that night. Driven by a strong sense of guilt, she watches over those left behind, including her best friend, Corinne, who has developed a terrible psychosis following the events. 

Maryse Ferron


Maryse shows enormous resilience. A brilliant and determined woman, she leads the investigations unit. Wheelchair-bound due to a rare syndrome, she doesn't let anything stop her. On the contrary, she does more to prove to those who would doubt that she is the best in the job. As her disease is degenerative, she trains to push her limits. She's a fighter who lives at a hundred miles an hour. 

Christine Lévesque


An extremely efficient real estate broker, Christine supervises her clients with aplomb, skilfully negotiates her transactions and constantly encourages her colleagues to surpass themselves. She is proud and ambitious. Of the three sisters, she is the most aggressive on the market. Until now, his career took precedence over his romantic relationships. With her, clients are in good hands. 

Inès Said


You have to be solid to stand out as an intern in a prestigious law firm. Not only does Inès have great interpersonal skills, but she is outgoing, resourceful and very insightful. One might have thought her a little naive, but she does not allow herself to be imposed. When acting on the defense side, every little detail counts. Inès is a keen observer and often manages to find the flaw for the good of the firm's clients. She climbs the ladder and gains confidence. She is the partners' secret weapon and the future of the office. 

Isabelle Gagnon 


One of Isabelle's great qualities is her humor and self-mockery. She leads wide, but manages to practice letting go without too much guilt. Self-employed, she runs her own business while raising three children and continuing to provide advice to her ex. On the other hand, it is time for Isabelle to start thinking about herself a little. Her sister makes every effort to get her out of her celibacy. 



We can say that since she leads the family farm alone, Marie-Luce has faced several pitfalls. The villainous death of her husband found in the pig pen, the remains of a body found in the barn, the involvement of one of her sisters, Marie-Jeanne, and of Faubert, her associate, with organized crime and many more. Yet she never bends. On the contrary, she fights for her people and never hesitates to negotiate with Tina, the one who brought trouble to town. Strong, independent, generous, she offers unwavering support to those she loves and knows how to play her cards well. And she accepts to let herself be loved despite the betrayals of which she has been the victim in the past.  

Alice Martin-Sommer


Investigator with procedures that do not always comply, Alice is a vigilante. She works for the Sex Crimes Task Force, a department that handles cases as complex as they are sordid. We feel that her interventions are intimately linked to her mysterious past, which makes her imperturbable and determined to see justice done. 



Owner of the bar where the guys end their days, Nat always gives good advice. She is intelligent, reasoned. She is an independent woman who knows what she wants. She has developed a particular affection for Christian, of whom she is the confidante, but does not intend to be part of his many conquests.  



Entering the adult world means acquiring autonomy and freeing oneself from the daily life developed in the family. Camille is an independent young woman trying to escape her mother's expectations. Her life, her career, she wants to lead them in her own way. A stay abroad, far from those she loves, has confirmed to her what she does not want if she does not know exactly what she wants. But Camille also discovers a lie that has had an impact on everything she has experienced. A shock that confirms to her that she wants to lead the sequel according to her rules, in transparency and authenticity.  



A nurse-sexologist, Sarah is a complex woman who asks herself a lot of questions. If she helps others to solve their problems, her emotional and family life causes her some entrechats. At work, she is professional, reliable, empathetic, comforting, in control. In civilian life, she becomes worried, vulnerable, less assumed. Sarah the professional should rub off more on the Sarah in love. 



If Caroline was a little bored in her life as a civil servant, we can say that she took another tangent because of the Snowman and the conspiracy that surrounded. Caro does not like lies. If her husband got himself into twisted stories, she wants to be part of the solution. Caroline is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it puts her in awkward positions, she is proactive, supportive and in search of justice.