Here are 5 songs released in June to listen to

Here are 5 songs released in June to listen to


The mercury is on the rise and all you want to do is binge on sunny tunes. Here are 5 new pieces by local artists that will certainly make you want to dance and enjoy the summer. 

The sun at its zenith, Dumas

Finally, a new typically Dumas candy piece! With The sun at its zenith, Dumas makes us dream of California and “ocean days”, while making us dance and sing as only he can do. Can't wait to live this song alongside this beast of the stage, in show! 

< em>HOOLYWUD, Sam Tucker 

Sum Tucker, by his own admission, had fun using tones of voice a la Justin Timberlake on this piece poking fun at the Hollywood machine. This song, more pop than what the singer-songwriter usually delivers, represents the spirit of this new EP called GROW: a side project allowing him to explore and let go of his crazy without taking himself too seriously. 

Heat in the blood, Lanuit

“It's nice and warm in me, Even if the weather is cold there, I leave a fire when you're not there”, sings Lanuit on this first extract dancing to perfection. Thank you to the group – which we will certainly hear a lot about – for having been able to merge Latin music rhythms with rap in such a beautiful way. Roll on August 19 for the release of this first eponymous EP. 

Firefall, Lafleur and Marcie 

It's hard not to fall in love with Firefall, the first country-pop single from the EP of Lafleur and Marcie to come at the end of the summer. We can already see ourselves singing this lively, sweet and joyful song around an autumn fire, hypnotized by the dance of the bonfire, a sweet metaphor for the passionate but ephemeral loves that the duo sings. 

Border,Milk & Bone

It's pop, it's sweet and it would fit well on the soundtrack of a film where road trips and friendships take all the place under the sun. We love, as always, the perfectly matching voices of the Montreal duo composed of Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, and we remember the difficult times during the pandemic, when closed borders prevented many from being together.&nbsp ;