Here are a few figures of the impact of a platform like YouTube on the country's economy

Here are a few figures about the impact of a platform like YouTube on the economy of the country


It is rare to find studies that highlight the value and economic impact of networking platforms – social or video – as Google has just done for its YouTube service.  

Here is a summary of the main information on the impact of the platform in Canada in 2021 taken from the press release. 

  • YouTube allows us to enrich our knowledge: in Quebec, 93 % of users say they use YouTube for information and learning. 
  • YouTube in French: 78% of Quebec users agree they find content easily in the language of their choice on YouTube. 
  • The number of people earning $100,000 is on the rise on the platform: the number of YouTube channels earning more than $100,000 CAD has increased by 35% compared to the previous year. 
  • YouTube puts Canadian culture on the world stage: 78% of content creators agree that YouTube helps them export their content to international audiences they wouldn't otherwise have access to. 
  • YouTube also supports SMBs: 80% of SMBs with a YouTube channel agree that the platform has played a role in expanding their customer base by reaching new audiences.   

The next time you click YouTube into your bookmark bank, you will no doubt look at the benefits and impacts of YouTube with a different eye. 'such a platform on our economy, indeed our society in general.

More information on the study here.